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To breed Weimaraners that are a living example of the written standard with an amicable and biddable temperament.

3 More Sleeps

Posted on: 2009-10-27

Swanky is 8 weeks young today Smile

This past 8 weeks seem to have taken sooooooooooo long to get here and this coming Wednesday evening I will meet Tony and Swanky at the airport when they arrive on the 2030 flight from Queensland.

Swanky is a very special puppy for me and I can not thank Tony and Judy Glover of Feldjaeger Weimaraner enough for allowing me to be owned by Feldjaeger With Precision a.ka. Swanky.

Swanky will share my home with 3 cats; Smokey, Fonzi & Mimi, 1 Weiamaraner; Zeta and 2 humans; my mum Barbara and me of course.

Spring Clean @ Britfeld Weimaraners Web Site

Posted on: 2009-09-13

At the start of 2009 I decided to re-vamp my web site. You know; a little Spring clean and the timing couldn't have been better with the start of Spring a few dayas ago in the land of down under Australia. Many of the original content is already here; just click on the tabs up there, yeah those ones. The puppy order form has a few issues but if all else fails you can whiz an e-mail to me until the form is sorted out.

Still a fair way off being totally re-vamped but there is quite a bit already done; just a little tweeking Wink here and there and the job is done.

49 Pages Done

Posted on: 2009-09-13

WOW! This updates stuff, editing and making changes to Britfeld Weimaraners web site is a lot of work Surprised

I have completed 49 pages and only have about 100 and something pages to go.

Once that's all done, add new pages of content I have been saving up for the 'new look' site. Oh yeah, FarCity Internet Solutions is working on a new 'Splash Page' that I am looking forward to.

"A" Gang Turn 1 Year Young

Posted on: 2009-09-13

Last Friday 11th September 2009, the Britfeld "A" Gang turned 1 year young and today a few of them came for a visit. Val and George brought Dylan along, Charles and Dianne brought Buffer (formaly Buzz) along & Chris and Lee brought Tinker Bell along. We all went to Hampton Park to let the pupies have a good ol' romp and stomp. Aunty Zeta came along as did Diesel (Britfeld Young Spirit) who is the "A" Gang's paternal half brother.

It was pretty obvious, very quickly, the "A" Gang did not forget the shell pool they had so much fun in as little puppies; they found the creek and of course each and every puddle and they romped n stomped 'til they just about dropped.

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