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Hi and welcome to About Me. I am Svetlana Sally Johnston and this passionate interest in Weimaraners was somewhat of an accident for me. I actually didn’t even know what they were, until a friend's fascinating description of these beautiful grey dogs started me on a quest ... and Duchess came home.

Sally and NitroHowever my first dog was not a Weimaraner but a German Shorthaired Pointer X Kelpie. I called her Nara, and her name means “Friend” in Aboriginal. I went to the Pearcedale Animal Shelter. I decided I was only going to “window shop” and not come home with a dog. But, and of course there is always a “BUT”, as I was looking through the pens at the different dogs I stopped in front of Nara’s pen. She was such a happy dog, wagging her tail at me with such joy. One of the staff came up and offered me a lead to take her for a walk. Well I think you can all guess what happened… Yes Nara came home. It was Nara that got me interested in obedience. She was an excellent dog in obedience, winning many trophies and sashes. Such an easy dog to train and even easier to trial. Very quickly Nara became Nara GDX. (GDX is the equivalent for CDX but is the title given to crossbred dogs although now the cross bred dogs hold the same titles as the pedigree dogs). Nara and I had commenced Utility training but sadly never made to trailing level, Nara developed an aggressive jaw cancer and was put to sleep. You can see this beautiful dog by visiting Nara’s Page.

To complete the trio, a German Shorthaired Pointer joined the gang at Britfeld. COOLHAND KENNELS, one of the well-established and successful GSP Kennels, bred Major. You can see this striking dog by visiting Major’s Page.

I have many interests that keep me busy and out of trouble. I love gardening and the sight of beautiful flowers. I enjoy reading many different types of books. The famous Sci-Fi author, Sir Arthur C. Clarke and the well-known Horror author, Dean R. Koontz are only two of many whose books I enjoy. If you would like to read something of Sir Arthur C. Clarke’s I thoroughly recommend four books in the Rama series. They are, in order, RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA, RAMA II, GARDEN OF RAMA and RAMA REVEALED. Of course there is also the Odyssey four; 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY, 2010 ODYSSEY TWO, 2061 ODYSSEY THREE and 3001 THE FINAL ODYSSEY. It goes without saying any books about dogs, especially Weimaraners, are way up there at the top of the list of books I enjoy.

When I was much younger I enjoyed Ice-Skating on a competitive level. As a relaxing pass time I love stamp collecting and clown collecting, well I just love collecting… Pub coaster, ceramic thimbles, pottery, seashells… I bet your getting a pretty interesting picture of my home by now. More recently I started collecting logo pens and empty perfume bottles. The plan for the logo pens is to frame them and use as art in the study room and the perfume bottles to be a go-between-wall in the bathroom; yes IT will take quite a few bottles ...

And last but not least I love surfing the net and finding interesting and informative sites. One that is really ace! James S. Huggins’ Refrigerator Door. There are heaps of cool things on this site, including humour, which I love. Visiting James’ site is an experience worth having, but be prepared it is a very extensive site packed with heaps of great stuff. Definitely not for any one in a hurry, a quick “once over” will not do it justice.

Today my time is spent with my beautiful Weimaraners, at the beach or in a park, training for conformation competition or obedience trials or having a water fight with them (that is of course “bath time”.) They never ever judge me and are always over the moon to see me. Their unconditional love is soothing to my soul.

Oh not forgetting the cats. My home has three cats; Mimmi, a rescue on death row which I got for my mum after her gorgeous Micky was put to sleep after a dreadful accident. Smokey is #2 cat to arrive into my home. She was dumped at a factory with a litter of young kittens over Christmas one year. I offered to take her in if someone could catch her (before she got pregnant again). Catching was easy, she is so friendly but she was pregnant and gave birth to 4 female and 1 male kitten. More about that elsewhere. Cat # 3 is Fonzi, the only son of Smokey. He is all white but not deaf (as a majority of all-white cats are) and just so adorable.






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