James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door

Every now and then special people enter my life. They a few and far between. For me this person is James S. Huggins.

My first meeting was 11 June 2001 through Yahoo WebRing. James was one of the WebRing Experts who assisted Ring Managers in solving any difficulties they encountered with their membership or management of webring/s.

His ability to assist me without passing judgment was really appreciated. I recall asking him to go easy and apply the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple for the Silly) principle. That he did without making me feel silly.

I decided to take a look at his site, JAMES S. HUGGINS' REFRIGERATOR DOOR This only confirmed my inner feeling that this was an individual who knows, is willing to share and has an enormous passion for people.

His site is diverse, covering many subjects which are passionate to him. And he covers them far beyond expectations.

When you visit his site, it's like a mini World Wide Web. He presents all the information in such a way that it is easy to understand and use if you need to without having to search for it on the WWW. It's all right there on his site.

I remember laughing and giggling as I read about RIGHT CLICK DISABLE. Of course I had this in place, thinking it would protect my content only to read this will not achieve the objective I had hoped for.

You will be in stitches as you read through his motivation, humour and Hugginisims.

Of course there is a section about the man himself. He is a professional speaker. He speaks on topics such as Technology, Trends and more. You will get a better insight about James by reading his GEEK CODE... and get a giggle too.

His site is a very extensive one, you will not do it or yourself justice if you rush. This is a site to enjoy with a nice cup of Latte or a darn good glass of red.

Don't forget the chocolates.

It is a site which I doubt you can fully appreciate in one sitting. James S. Huggins Refrigerator Door

It is a site which I consider as a reference point. Kind of like a reference book, one you can refer back to over and over again.

My friendship with James has grown and he continues to inspire me and help me when ever the need arises. Always willing, never ever judging nor expecting anything in return. I truly feel honoured to have met James and to call him my true friend.

The red logo you see on this page is from his site and will take you on a wonderful journey of discovery.



In Honour of the work by James S. Huggins to the Webring Community

During my time as a member of webrings and as a webring manager I managed two rings; Just For James was a webring I was fortunate to adopt and it has a long history going back to the bad ol' Yahoo! Webring days. The other, James S. Huggins dot com RULES! was one I created. Sadly both no longer exist as a result of unpleasant changes implemented by Tim Killeen and his team, to WebRing.com, therefore some of the links that once took you to where it said they would, no longer function.

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