Weis Awards Award Criteria

Important Notice

Effective December 1, 2005 my Weis Awards Award Program enters retirement. All pages relating to Weis Awards will remain available for viewing. on behalf of everyone involved with Weis Awards I would like to take this opportunity to thank the award program evaluators and owners for acknowledging my efforts in working towards honouring those who make the World Wide Web a safer place and one which offers many learning experiences. I would also like to extend a humble thank you to all who have applied for an award and thank each and every one of you for a wonderful journey of learning. Your web sites truly make a positive difference.



This page is arranged into three subheadings, Initial Evaluation, Full Evaluation and Scoring. To clarify further, the initial evaluation is brief.  Weis Awards Evaluation Team will look for any unacceptable items as listed under the Initial Evaluation subheading. If one or more of the listed items are found, evaluation stops.  If none are found, evaluation continue through to a Full Evaluation, looking for fulfillment of the more detailed criteria as described under the subheading of Full Evaluation.  Lastly, a score will be given as listed under the subheading of Score.


Initial Evaluation

The Acceptable

  • Family Friendly ¹
  • Personal or Business
  • You must be over 14 year to submit
  • English only please.
  • Winners please place award on site
  • Complete applications 

The Unacceptable

  • Pornographic
  • Links to the above
  • Hate, Terrorism and/or Violence
  • Links to the above
  • Warez etc.
  • Links to the above
  • Drugs of any kind
  • Links to the above
  • Extreme religion/politics
  • Links to the above
  • Witchcraft or related material
  • Links to the above
  • Gaming / Gambling
  • Links to the above
  • Don't make the team at Weis Awards download something in order to view your site. 
  • Incomplete applications
  • Languages other than English
  • Changing servers for pages which belong to your site. I.E. some pages with GeoCities, some with Homestead etc.
  • Background colour not set. [Evaluation Team browser is set for hot pink background, which will only show up if you have not set a background colour for your pages or you too have chosen hot pink as the background colour, in which case the team will set the browser background colour to something else and see what happens].
  • Font colour not set. [Evaluation Team browser is set for lime green font colour, which will only show up if you have not set a font colour for your pages or you too have chosen lime green as your font colour, in which case the team will set the browser font colour to something else and see what happens].
  • Cursor trailers
  • Floating angels / animal / anything really.
  • Music that can not be turned off.

¹ viewable by all ages

The Team at Weis Awards Award Program will notify successful sites only. You must be able to accept attachments, this is how you will receive your award, if successful.


Full Evaluation

Content & Design: When the team comes to visit your site they would like to learn something. Please provide thems with at least 10 pages of content. Sites which contain page after page of links to sites which contain page after page after page of links to yet more sites which contain page after page after page of links will not be viewed. WebRing pages, Link Pages, Awards Won Pages and Message Board are not content. Weis Awareds  is really quite serious about wanting to learn something, which is in a well presented design, when the team visit your site. This is why the scoring is heavily weighted for this section of the Criteria. Design should be easy on the eye. The team is looking for continuity in colour, font, size and background. The team understands how tempting it is to use a different background for each page, different font and size. However, evaluation will stop on these sites.

Functionality: How well does your site function? Do all the internal links work? They really must. The team is looking for these to open in the same window. What about external links, do they work? These can't always be controlled so some allowance is given to these. However the team would like these to open in a new window. Easy navigation of your site is a must, the team does not what to get lost. They don't want to have to use a Site map or the browser back button in order to view the pages contained on your site. Each page on your site needs to be accessible from each page on your site.

Graphics: Your graphics should be original. However if you use someone else's work, please ensure you do so with the creators permission and you duly acknowledge the work is someone else's. Please don't over do them, they will only hinder the loading time of your site. The team would prefer the graphics be optimised for faster loading, however if they are worth waiting for they will give some allowance. They would actually like to see them rather then those annoying little red crosses where the graphics should be.

Usefulness: Sites which are purely blatant self-promotion and nothing else really have a very limited demographic. Usually just you and your family. Ask yourself "is my site serving a meaningful purpose? Will it be useful to the general public?" If the team come to your site and find pages which are full of "This is me in a car", This is me on my motorbike", This is me with my dog", get the picture... they will leave. If, however, they see you in your car and you tell us about the history of the car, how it came to be, or you can give us useful information about that motorbike you love so much or give us some background into the breed of dog that you so adore, they will stay.

Load Time: Please don't make the team wait too long for your pages to load. Waiting longer then 90 seconds is too long. They will allow a longer time frame for Flash sites. Please don't make them change our screen resolution in order for your site to present well. They will stop the evaluation. If you would like a better insight into what they are looking for when they review a site, please visit the Winners Page.



  • Content and Design 40 points
  • Functionality 20 points
  • Graphics 10 points
  • Usefulness 25 points
  • Load Time 5 points


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