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Effective December 1, 2005 my Weis Awards Award Program enters retirement. All pages relating to Weis Awards will remain available for viewing. on behalf of everyone involved with Weis Awards I would like to take this opportunity to thank the award program evaluators and owners for acknowledging my efforts in working towards honouring those who make the World Wide Web a safer place and one which offers many learning experiences. I would also like to extend a humble thank you to all who have applied for an award and thank each and every one of you for a wonderful journey of learning. Your web sites truly make a positive difference.


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In order for a site to receive the Gold Award from Weis-Awards, a score between 50 - 65, out of 100 is required.  All winners are listed in alphabetical order for ease of location.

The whole team @ Weis Awards would like to thank each and every one of the individuals  listed below. It has been a total pleasure to visit your homes on the web.  Thank you for the opportunity to learn from the information you have provided.


4 Elements Award
4 Elements Award program is a fun and unique web award program. Includes 7 Wonders of the World.

What began as a place to stick frequently referenced notes has evolved into aleeya.net. From technical information about computers, adware and spyware to gaming, book collections, reviews, humor, amateur radio information, and much more.. be sure to see what Aleeya.net is today.

An Italian. My Streets
This online-book is the result of a lot of hard work! Searching in streets, my streets, in order to show my art to people of all ages and different professions.

And Then Hill Came Up
An historical and educational archive dedicated to the life and career of Civil War General A.P. Hill.

AREA51 - Public Sector
Short stories about the Unexplained theme.

Audiblox is effective for dyslexia, dysgraphia and other learning disabilities.

Casey's Celtic Charm
This family-friendly site celebrates the wonderful bonds between dogs and their "best friend" humans. Focuses on a wire-fox terrier called Casey's Celtic Charm.

The first Russian site about Celine Dion in English.

Chet's Pit Stop
Me & My American Pitbull Terrier's Rocky & Ginger. Also some helpful info on American Pitbull Terrier's

Dreamweaver Visions Designs
Visuals from the mind, designed for the eye.  Dreamweaver Visions Designs is a small web and graphic design firm offering a full range of web design services. We create unique, eye catching designs, sites which are attractive as well as functional.

Design Forward / Sustainable Designs
Design Forward is an architectural design firm promoting the use of Sustainable and Green Building, Straw Bale
Construction, Renewable Energy, and Modern Architecture.

eMountain Design
Web Design and Internet Consulting Firm serving the small business community by providing successful Internet solutions.

Firestarter Pyrography { See our award graphic here }
Pyrographic artist specialising in burning design onto wood & leather. From spoons to boxes, clocks to plaques. Ideal personalised gifts for a special occasion or personal treat!

Glenn Page: This marketing voice
I wanted to create a site that practices what I preach. My goal with this site was to go beyond self-promotion to teach the personal marketing style I advocate. I include my thoughts on marketing, a library of my articles and a live support function.

Hanlon Homepage
A genealogy resource for the HANLON and O'HANLON surnames and their variants. Geographical and historical origins of the name, heraldry, citations from ancient Irish texts (up to 1,000 years old!), and many online records: immigration, church registers, headstone photos and transcriptions. Includes notes and photos from our own research trips to Ireland.

Images Hawaii
We wish to share the beauty of our Hawaiian Islands with the world.

Jetzone 2000
With the creation of Jetzone 2000 I tried to combine my passion for aviation photography with proper webdesign. All photos, graphics and layout are self made. No use of templates or clipart graphics. Home of the Jetzone Award Program

Just Too Good - Darren's PC Resource
Primarily a PC hardware information resource, focussing on topics such as the CPU, motherboard and memory.  The site welcomes both 'techies' and relative 'newbies' who need a good place to start in the world of PCs.

Web Master's art work and graphic design and photos. Extensive resource for information on the country of South Korea, as well as a resident award program.

Lab Pediatrics University Groningen
Science and Educational information from and out the field of pediatrics research (liver & intestine)
(Weis Awards proudly list winners of for Weis - Awards Award Program and link back to the winners site, how ever sometimes the URL changes without notice  of this change. This leaves the team @ Weis awards with no option but to remove the link back until  an updated is received.)

Lin's Webmaster Resources
It's a resource site for webmasters with free graphics and page-building tutorials.
(Weis Awards proudly list winners of for Weis - Awards Award Program and link back to the winners site, how ever sometimes the URL changes without notice  of this change. This leaves the team @ Weis awards with no option but to remove the link back until  an updated is received.)

Litware is an interactive resource to help adults/older children improve their reading and literacy skills. Read an extract of current news and then do online spelling, proofreading, wordsearch and hangman exercises/games based on the article.
N.B. Owing to the JavaScript's used you need IE5 or higher.

Machen Family Website
Home of the Machen Family on the Internet.

A site about "The Prince", the most important work of Niccolò Machiavelli (1469 - 1527), Italian statesman and political philosopher, father of modern political theory.

MarkWD - Marco Orlandoni Web Designer
Realization of static and dynamic web sites; creation of paper advertising graphic; a little "FreeZone" section for free stuff.

Marseille Prospective Lions Club
Our club has served the community in Marseilles (Province, South France) since 1964. Main activities are: Talking book library for visually impaired persons, Sihanoukville orphanage (Cambodia), Humani Terra (N.G.O.), Lions Opera Club.

The Health Care Savings Card program.

Official Web Site of the Mijas Town Hall. A beatiful village at the Western Costa del Sol in Malaga (Spain).

A useful site for nurses and students, includes a discussion forum, a nursing school survival guide, and other tools for the practicing RN.

Operation Letters To Santa
Old fashioned family Christmas site offers more than 400 pages of Christmas carols, lyrics, sheet music, midis, recipes, Christmas tales and quotes, traditions, safety tips, movie reviews and so much more. Visit the Kid Zone for family and children activities, games and crafts.

Poodle Boys and Arttu Parrot
Meet Poodle Boys and Arttu parrot from Finland. You will find pictures, information about poodles and grey parrots, useful links and much more. This site is also a home of Poodle and "Parrot Awards", Award Sites! rated 4.0.

Poultry Raising Assistance
Striving to become the Best Source for Online Poultry Raising Information and Assistance.

Rhianna's Rampage
Originally starting as a place to display my art work, the site has quickly evolved into an educational site where I can share stories about the wildlife I rescue, rehabilitate and raise for re release.

Safe Haven
Safe Haven is a site for male and female survivors of sexual abuse and/or rape. We aim to give support and advice to those on the path to healing, and to loved ones of survivors.

San Jose State University Police Department
This site includes streaming video for community safety training, interactive forms, safety booklets, a crime blotter and more. Site is updated weekly. The Family Safety Handbook may be of particular interest.

Southwest Paddler
An on-line outdoor recreation guide for canoeists, kayakers, rafters, campers, hikers and backpackers, bikers, hunters,
fishermen, photographers and others who enjoy outdoor recreation activities on or near the rivers of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah.

Spiritus Belgian Shepherd Dogs
Spiritus Belgians is a site that promotes our Belgian Shepherd Dogs, and the entire breed. My dogs are my passion, and I hope the educational information about the Belgian Shepherd, along with the photos of all four varieties, and my own Belgians, fill you with the high spirit of the Belgian.

Suicide and Mental Health Association International
SMHAI is dedicated to suicide and mental health related issues. Our main goal is to prevent suicidal behavior and to relieve its effects on all who maybe affected by it.

Teaching and Learning Resources
The purpose of this site is to provide stimulating, interactive learning resources to support the National Curriculum for England and Wales for children in Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 11) of Primary School. Whether you are a teacher, a pupil or even a parent looking for ways to support your child's learning at home, from the UK or overseas, I am sure you will find something of interest here.

The History of Laurel Wreath { See our award graphic here }
This small website will take you to the roots of the 'laurel wreath' tradition, starting from the Greek myth and up until its today`s casual use. Additionally, you will find my personal awards program inside.

Through the eyes of John Baselmans
A site with the most complete information about art and design. You will find: drawings, illustrations, stamps, posters, postcards, advertising, photos, also available are: courses, information, gifts and services.

Tim's Spider corner
Tim's Spider corner is an educational site for all spider fans that addresses the conservation of nature. You will find bird eating spider information, as well as an assortment of pictures, handling tips, resource links, a spider knowledge quiz, and the complete anatomy.

Tom Chao's Paper Money Gallery { See our award graphic here }
Educational, information on world paper money, galleries, banknotes for sale.

Ultradave.com is my personal homepage featuring a sample of my web designs and an educational section. 

Programming, resources, photo gallery. Wheel Of Life is a site about philosophy and other sciences. This site was made for educational purposes for those people who wish to learn more. It is also the home of Wheel Of Life Award Program.
(Weis Awards proudly list winners of for Weis - Awards Award Program and link back to the winners site, how ever sometimes the URL changes without notice  of this change. This leaves the team @ Weis awards with no option but to remove the link back until  an updated is received.)

Wytoka American Hairless Terriers
Weis Awards description:    This is a content rich site about American Hairless Terriers. One which will broaden your knowledge base about this particular breed of dog.
(Weis Awards proudly list winners of for Weis - Awards Award Program and link back to the winners site, how ever sometimes the URL changes without notice  of this change. This leaves the team @ Weis awards with no option but to remove the link back until  an updated is received.)


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