Weis Awards Award Graphics

Important Notice

Effective December 1, 2005 my Weis Awards Award Program enters retirement. All pages relating to Weis Awards will remain available for viewing. on behalf of everyone involved with Weis Awards I would like to take this opportunity to thank the award program evaluators and owners for acknowledging my efforts in working towards honouring those who make the World Wide Web a safer place and one which offers many learning experiences. I would also like to extend a humble thank you to all who have applied for an award and thank each and every one of you for a wonderful journey of learning. Your web sites truly make a positive difference.


About the Graphics

When Weis-Awards Award Program was first created, it offered one graphic design [SET 1] for all four levels, to both business and personal sites. The program is pleased to announce the original have been retained, however effective as of October 2002 winners, the original graphic will be given to animal related winning sites only. Designed by yours truly, Weis Awards will continue to offer the four levels.

The new graphic [SET 2], also designed by yours truly will be given to all other winning sites [non animal related].

Further down on this page you will be able to view sample graphics for both SET 1 and SET 2. You will also be able to see the type of graphic it is and its size.

All successful applicants will receive the graphic as an attachment, I ask that you only give an email address where you are able to receive attachments.

One important request: Please do not alter the graphic in anyway.




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