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Important Notice

Effective December 1, 2005 my Weis Awards Award Program enters retirement. All pages relating to Weis Awards will remain available for viewing. on behalf of everyone involved with Weis Awards I would like to take this opportunity to thank the award program evaluators and owners for acknowledging my efforts in working towards honouring those who make the World Wide Web a safer place and one which offers many learning experiences. I would also like to extend a humble thank you to all who have applied for an award and thank each and every one of you for a wonderful journey of learning. Your web sites truly make a positive difference.



Weis Awards Award Program is created with a clear purpose, to recognise the hard work of those dedicated individuals who spend hours upon hours creating a site which will be of positive value to the general web community. Weis Awards is looking for a site that makes the visitor more informed about that particular subject matter and is "Family Friendly". As I have surfed the WWW I have come across so many wonderful sites which offer an bottomless pit of information. These are the types of sites I wish to recognize

Just to clarify this a little further, Weis Awards Award Program is focused on recognizing content as the break down of scoring will indicate. Sure your site needs to have an easy on the eye design, it needs to function smoothly, load in a reasonable amount of time and be useful.

I am not code savvy, so I will not check your code writing skills. Note Britfeld Weimaraners site is done by FarCity Internet solutions. However content is what this program is about.

Regardless of the subject matter, the review of your site is base wholly and solely on the Criteria.



Review of all sites which submit an application either by using the Application Form of by sending an e-mail will be done in order of receipt of the application. You will get more information on the Application Page regarding an e-mail submission. Please allow 4-6 weeks for us to review your site. If you are not successful, please remember it is only our view point. You may resubmit after changes are made and only after 90 days.


Please note

Weis Awards Award Program does not offer up grades and no longer evaluates award program sites.


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