Weis Awards Award Winners

Important Notice

Effective December 1, 2005 my Weis Awards Award Program enters retirement. All pages relating to Weis Awards will remain available for viewing. on behalf of everyone involved with Weis Awards I would like to take this opportunity to thank the award program evaluators and owners for acknowledging my efforts in working towards honouring those who make the World Wide Web a safer place and one which offers many learning experiences. I would also like to extend a humble thank you to all who have applied for an award and thank each and every one of you for a wonderful journey of learning. Your web sites truly make a positive difference.


It is with great pride we present our winners.

Please use this page as a jumping point to individual level pages.

You will be rewarded with wonderful, sad, happy and informative sites which will take you on a wonderful journey along the path of learning.

Effective February 2005, you will see two links for each winner, one link will take you to the Home Page the other will take you to the page where the Weis Awards Award graphic is located.


For a site to be awarded Weis-Awards Gold Award, the required score is greater then 95 from a possible 100.


For a site to be awarded Weis-Awards Silver Award, the required score is between 80 - 95, from a possible 100.


A score between 65 - 80 from a possible 100,  is required to be awarded Weis-Awards Bronze Award.


A site which scores between 50 - 65 from a possible 100, will be awarded Weis-Awards Merit Award.


This award is not rated and is presented at the discretion of the Weis Awards Team.




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