How It Began


In December of 1982 a litter was whelped toAUSTRALIAN CH CAULDON SOMMER FRAU C.D.X. Boligal Unique and sired by Silberjager Tiberiuss. From this litter I purchased my beautiful Duchess. Little did I know at the time that Duchess was destined for bigger and better things… I only wanted a Weimaraner as a companion, but after joining an obedience club, Duchess and I went on to competing in obedience trails. This also lead to competing in conformation shows. My mere interest in a Weimaraner as a pet had grown so much that Duchess went on to become AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION CAULDON SOMMER FRAU C.D.X.

Although never officially trailed in field or retrieving trails, Duchess did go on and show off her talents and proved more than adequate at the tasks set before her. She was just as happy to retrieve feather as she was to retrieve fur.

What next?

My passion for Weimaraners grew so strong that I wanted to breed from Duchess. My first litter (A) was some what of a disaster. I was "coached" when it came to the choice of the Stud for the A litter, lialing on the advice of long time breeders and trustung them without question. What a mistake that was. Each and every puppy had faults according to the official breed standard so all pups were sold to pet homes and de-sexed . After much research and planning, the next two litters proved to be a big improvement on the first. Duchess whelped my A, B and C litters and today all my puppies can be traced back to her.

To date I have exported to 7 countries and have achieved titles both in the show ring, field and obedience.

The future for BRITFELD looks bright and exciting, with blood lines from USA and UK incorporated with those in Australia. My plan to import a male puppy from a leading Swedish kennel, to join the gang at BRITFELD has come fruition. He is TRACKING CHAMPION MIMMTRIX HUBERT XARDIKO AT BRITFELD E.T. "Xardiko". He carries the cream of the blood lines from Germany and Sweden. The German side of this pedigree boasts impressive accreditation in the field, coupled with the impressive field and show accreditation from the Swedish side, Xardiko passes on his versatile heritage to his progeny.

BRITFELD achievements are a result of careful breeding of QUALITY Weimaraners in accordance with the breed standard. BRITFELD remains unswayed by "popular" Studs but rather chooses the best dog for the best bitch to breed puppies of stable body and mind.


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