Weimaraner LH Carriers : America

Unfortunately the LH coat type is a disqualifying fault in America, under the American Weimaraner Standard.  Therefore information about LH's and LHC's is difficult to obtain.  I would like to thank those involved in providing me with the information I have provided here.


Sires and Dams who are shorthair (SH) coat type and are known longhair carriers (LHC) because they have produced longhair (LH) puppies.



Am Ch Ann's Magic VD Reiteralm Am Ch Baroness Ilion Nani Of Aikahi
Am Ch Ann's Ricky Boy Am Ch Harbor West Black Magic
Dual Ch Ardreem's Wolf Von Betelgeuse, JH, SDX, NRD, VX Am Ch Nani's Cascade VD Reiteralm
Am Ch Bert VD Harrasburg Am Ch Silversmith Nani Rendezvous
Am Ch Bestebret's Broadway Bravo Am Ch Bestebret's I'm A Jewel Too
Am Ch Brandy's Rebel VD Reiteralm Am Ch Silversmiths Ameican Jewel
Am Ch Colsidex Big Spender Silversmith's Tiffany Diamond
Am Ch Colsidex Dynasty  
Am Ch Colsidex Standing Ovation  
Am Ch Deal's Sporting True Aim  
Am Ch Gwinner's Pinwheel  
Am Ch Elken's Vanguard  
Flix Vom Zehnthof  
Am Ch Harbor West Take No Prisoners  
Am Ch Jarem's Rodeo Clown  
Mars VD Wulfsriede  
Am Ch Maximilian VD Reiteralm  
Am Ch Nani's Master Charge  
Am Ch Nani's Cascade Mountain King  
Am Ch Norman's Double Trouble  
Am Ch Norman's Smokey City Chill Factr  
Am Ch Reiteralm's Rio Fonte Saudade  
Am Ch Ronamax Rajah VD Reiteralm  
Am Ch Silversmith Houston Rob Roy  
Am Ch Silversmith Patent Pending  
Am Ch Smokey City Easy Does It  
Windfall's Frost Of Kragnasty  
Am Ch Winteruns Kurbis V Reiteralm  
Am Ch Wismar's Dry Martini  
Am Ch Wismar's Gabriel V Reiteralm  
Am Ch Wismar's Rocky Road V Reiteralm  
Am Ch Wismar's Windsor On The Rocks  

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