Weimaraner LH Carriers : Australia

Australia in very fortunate indeed, both coat types are recognised and breeders are permitted to breed SH's to LH's, allowing for a much bigger gene pool for the LH. This is very important in order to avoid any potential problems in the future which may result from an otherwise very small and restricted gene pool.

This list of longhair carriers in Australia has been complied by yours truly, with assistance from Roz Buckley Weilander Weimaraners.


Sires and Dams who are shorthair (SH) coat type and are known longhair carriers (LHC) because they have produced longhair (LH) puppies.



Aust Ch Aceweis Laser Beam Aust Ch Aceweis Pagan Magic
Aust Ch Aceweis Prototype Britfeld Real Impression
Ashlaren Orion Bromhund Gypsy Dream
Britfeld Rhythm N Blues Bromhund Im Classy
Aust Ch Bromhund American Express Bromhund Rhiannon
Bromhund Chain Reaction Clayco Has The Edge
Aust Ch Bromhund Cross Fire Ghostwind Arimar's Annie
Aust Ch Bromhund Galaxie Aust Ch Ghostwind Silk Nsuede
Aust Ch Bromhund Juggernaut Aust Ch Ghostwind Suthern Comfit
Aust Ch Bromhund Simply Red Grausturm Fantasy
Carnmellis Up To ScratCh Imp NZ Grausturm Hearts Afire
Aust Ch Clayco Blue Thunder CD ET Grausturm I can Dance
Aust Ch Clayco Boston Celtic Aust Ch Grausturm In the Mist
Elfarin Von Kurt Aust Ch Jakin Sensation
Aust Ch Ghostwind American Pie Aust Ch Kadma Itsa Bito Magic
Aust Ch Ghostwind Ultra Suede CD Aust Ch Kadma Sleepn Wthe Enemy
Aust Ch Grausturm Cloud N Rain Aust Gr Ch Kadma Zulu Sky
Aust Ch Grausturm Egomaniac Merana Traviata
Grausturm Ima Tassidevil Seilbrig Shoot Th Breeze
Aust Ch Keno Hans Gerbar Aust Ch Waldwiese So Damn Hot TD
Aust Ch Rambai Buckshot  
Aust Ch Silber Fell Von Fussen Imp NZ  
Aust Ch Waldwiese Jump The Q
Aust Gr Ch/Dual Ch (T) Waldwiese No Doubt About It  



Sires and Dams who are shorthair (SH) coat type and have a high probability of being longhair carriers (LHC) based on their pedigree



Aust Ch Bromhund Graphic Art
Aust Ch Britfeld Love That Jazz ET
Aust Ch Bromhund Jupiter
Bromhund Amazon Mist
Aust Ch Bromhund Master Charge
Aust CH Bromhund Ultra Sonic
Weisagent Miracle Man

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