Weimaraner Longhair Carriers

The Weimaraner breed has two coat types; a shorthair, the more popular type, and the longhair, which is quickly gaining popularity in Australia. The German Weimaraner Club approved the Weimaraner Longhair in 1935 and all other countries except the United States have followed. Canada considers the Weimaraner Longhair to be a very serious fault in the conformation competition. The German Weimaraner Club noted that certain beneficial traits, linked to the longhair gene, were missing from their shorthairs and needed to be reintroduced for the health and well being of the breed.

The following breeding combinations can produce a longhair Weimaraner:

  • Longhair (LH) to Longhair (LH)

  • Shorthair/Longhair Carrier (SH/LHC) to Shorthair/Longhair Carrier (SH/LHC)

  • LH to SH/LHC

The percentage of puppies that are longhairs will vary, however it is only the above combination that can produce longhair puppies. Any other combination can not. If you combine the following, the result will be all shorthair puppies with a percentage of puppies being LHC:

  • LH to SH

  • SH/LHC to SH

On the following pages I will provide two tables;

  1. Those sires and dams who are shorthair (SH) coat type (this is incorrect terminology, but for ease of understanding I will use it) and are known longhair carriers (LHC).  This simply means each of these sires and dams have produced the longhair (LH) coat type when mated to SH coat type who are also LHC's.
  2. Those who are thought to be LHC's based on their pedigrees but have not produced LH puppies to date (to the best of my knowledge).

The correct terminology when referring to the different coat types of Weimaraners is WEIMARANER or WEIMARANER LONGHAIR.

To produce longhair puppies from shorthair parents, both parents must be longhair carriers because the longhair gene is recessive.

The following pages relating to LHC's will show listing in alphbetical order. It doesn't necessarily mean that the sires and the dams listed were whelped in that given country but rather they reside there. 

The Pedigree Search Service provided by Britfeld Weimaraners, will also give you this information about longhair carriers indicated by the letters LHC after the dogs registered name and LH for those dogs who are in fact longhair coat type. Anyone wishing to research a pedigree in terms of coat type will find this information useful. As new information becomes available, this page, related pages to LHC's and the Pedigree Database will be update. As always corrections are most welcome, all I ask is that you substantiate your information.

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