Contact Information

"The most important things to say are those which often I did not think necessary for me to say,
because they were too obvious."
- André Gide


This page is here to help you make contact with me.

There are a number of ways for you to do that which are set out below.


Snail Mail Contact

This is a method which came after pigeons and before computers. The traditional way of writing a letter, folding it, placing it in an envelope, putting a stamp on it, placing it in a postal box and hope like hell that the postal service does not loose your letter.

My postal address is:

Britfeld Weimaraners
Post Office Box 7139
Cranbourne West
Victoria 3977


E-mail Contact

This is the quickest way to get in touch with me. Below are e-mail addresses which relate to specific topics you may wish to contact me about. To use the e-mail addresses COPY and PASTE into your e-mail client, remove all instnaces of the word 'then' and all additional spacing between remaining words.

For example this is how you will see all e-mail addresses on this and other pages on my web site ' example then @ then gmail.com ', once you have reassembled the e-mail address by removing the words 'then' and 'additional spacing' between words, you will end up with example@gmail.com, a usable e-mail address.

Why do I present my e-mail addresses in this way, to stop e-mail bots which crawl my pages for e-mail addresses to harvest and sell to Spammers. They can not harvest them when they are presented in this manner.



Phoenix - The Guestbook

You can leave a message for me in my guestbook, though I do not encourage this avenue of communication which requires a response from me. However I'd love for you to write in Phoenix about my site, my dogs, otjer information I provide on my site; I will use your feedback to grow my site into a useful resource for Weimaraners and related topics . . . perhaps some 'Off Topic' stuff too.