Contact Information

"The most important things to say are those which often I did not think necessary for me to say,
because they were too obvious."
- André Gide


This page is here to help you make contact with me.

There are a number of ways for you to do that which are set out below.


Snail Mail Contact

This is a method which came after pigeons and before computers. The traditional way of writing a letter, folding it, placing it in an envelope, putting a stamp on it, placing it in a postal box and hope like hell that the postal service does not loose your letter.

My postal address is:

Britfeld Weimaraners
Post Office Box 7139
Cranbourne West
Victoria 3977


E-mail Contact

This is the quickest way to get in touch with me. Below are e-mail addresses which relate to specific topics you may wish to contact me about. To use the e-mail addresses COPY and PASTE into your e-mail client, remove all instnaces of the word 'then' and all additional spacing between remaining words.

For example this is how you will see all e-mail addresses on this and other pages on my web site ' example then @ then ', once you have reassembled the e-mail address by removing the words 'then' and 'additional spacing' between words, you will end up with, a usable e-mail address.

Why do I present my e-mail addresses in this way, to stop e-mail bots which crawl my pages for e-mail addresses to harvest and sell to Spammers. They can not harvest them when they are presented in this manner.


  • AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL TAIL INJURY DATABASE - To clarify further the Australian National Tail Injury Database [A.N.T.I.D.] please use this address:
    aust then national then tail then injury then database then @ then
  • BRITFELD WEIMARANERS - If you would like to know more about Britfeld Weimaraners, please write me by using this address:
    britfeld then weimaraners then @ then
  • PRIVACY ISSUES - Send me an e-mail to this address if you need to clarify the Privacy Policy:
    privacy then issues then @ then
  • PUPPY INFORMATION - For information about my planned litters, puppy availability, reservation of a puppy, please contact me through this address:
    puppy then information then @ then
  • JUST WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING - OK, this is it, if you just want to know something and you think I may be able assist, write to this address:
    s. then sallyj then @ then [there is a full stop after the first 's' , don't forget to include that in the reassembled e-mail address.
  • STUD INQUIRY - For further information about the boys on my web site and conditions for their use, please write me using this e-mail address:
    stud then inquiry then @ then 
  • WEBRING INFORMATION - (I am happy to help about webrings, however I am no longer actively involved) For general information about webrings on the System, please write me using this address:
    webring then info then @ then 
  • WEBRING NEWS - (I no longer manager any webrings and strongly advise anyone thinking about getting involved with to stay very clear of this system.) This is the address to use when you are seeking information about any of my webrings: webring then news then @ then
  • WEIMARANER INFORMATION - Just want to know something about Weimaraner; pedigrees, puppies, training, please use this email address:
    weimaraner then information then @ then
  • WEIS AWARDS - (My Weis Awards award program is closed as at 1st December 2005, however all the pages relating to Weis Awards remain on my site for information purposes.) For all information about my accredited Weis Awards award program, please use this address:
    weis then awards then @ then


Phoenix - The Guestbook

You can leave a message for me in my guestbook, though I do not encourage this avenue of communication which requires a response from me. However I'd love for you to write in Phoenix about my site, my dogs, otjer information I provide on my site; I will use your feedback to grow my site into a useful resource for Weimaraners and related topics . . . perhaps some 'Off Topic' stuff too.