Feeding Your Carnivore

"Abstain from vegetables and grains"
- Unknown


Page by page you've read about prey feeding your carnivore from the Intoroduction to the Specie Differences to the Taxonomy Classifaction for the domestic dog and you have arrived at the Feeding Your Carnivore page.

It REALLY is not difficult to feed a prey model diet. It's a win-win for you and your dog; the dogs digestive system is perfectly designed for it and you have a no-fuss, no-preparation feeding program.

Feldjaeger With Precision a.k.a. Swanky, has the starring role in the following video clip.



The reason why it is so easy, you just hand your dog what ever it is you will feed for that meal and it's a 'done deal'.

Swanky also appears in the following images while eating pork belly for lunch 12th March 2010.

 swanky eating pork belly-1  swanky eating pork belly-2  swanky eating pork belly-3

Just a few things to keep in mind until you get use to this feeding style:

Some great information can be found on this page, Myths About Raw Feeding