Britfeld Around the World

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Britfeld Bloodlines found in 11 countries worldwide!

How does one measure success in ones field of interest?

In my case this field is breeding and exhibiting Weimaraners.

Is it how many champions have been bred?

I have bred 24 conformation titles.

Is it obedience?

I have bred 11 C.D., 3 C.D.X., 1 U.D., 1 T.D. and 4 E.T. Award holders.

Is it how successful these Weimaraners are in competition?

I have bred, at all breeds level, winners of Best In Show, runner up Best In show, Best In Group, Class In Group, Class In Show and BOB awards.

Is it a question of number of exports?

I have exported to the following countries, Holland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sweden and New Zealand. And in 2002 I add to this list America. In total 15 Britfeld bred Weimaraners have been exported as at 26th September, 2009.

Is it a question of semen export?

I have done this too. First in 1993 to Norway and in 2002 to ¹Hungary.

What is left?

I shall wait as my wonderful journey with this beautiful breed continues to unfold. I would however like to thank all the wonderful owners, local, interstate and international, for their belief in my ability to consistently breed Weimaraners which exemplify the breed standard; who have proven to be competitive in their field of endeavour and continue to set new bench marks for others to follow.

¹ Australian Champion Britfeld Precision Made C.D. was bred by Britfeld Weimaraners and owned by Feldjaeger Weimaraners. The exporting of his semen has been a joint venture and I extend my gratitude to Feldjaeger Weimaraners for the opportunity to export Britfeld bloodlines to Hungary.

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