eGroups and eLists

What is an eGroup?

An eGroup/eList is a way for  individuals who share a common interest to come together through discussion to exchange thoughts and ideas on the given subject matter.

Some eGroups/eLists are moderated and some are not.

What is a moderated eGroup/eList?

This is where the owner/s and/or moderator/s approve or otherwise posts made by it's members. There are many reasons why this may happen. One could be to ensure there is no posting of anything inappropriate and to keep the eGroup/eList focused on its subject matter. Another might be to stop 'SPAM'.

If you belong to a moderated eGroup/eList your post will not appear until it has been read by the moderator and approved. If the post is inappropriate then the post will be deleted, never to be seen by anyone on the list. The opposite to this is of course an eGroup/eList which is not moderated where the post will appear a few minutes after posting. Those eGroups/eList which are not moderated and do not have an active team of moderators more often then not suffer from SPAM. Once SPAM starts to attack such a group, members usually leave and the eGroup/eList simply dies away from its original purpose.

If you would like to join, are easy ways for you to do this for a few Weimaraner Specific eGroups and their respective description.


The door is open to all lovers of Weimaraners, be it Blue Weis, LH Weis or Weis. It is the goal of this group to expand on the knowledge base of it's members and the general public who read our Posts, through questions, answers and useful contributions. Come and join and help educate us all. Please do not Post any show results, Bragging etc.

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Won some shows, trails, competitions? Wanna Brag about it? Perhaps you are getting a new Grey Friend to join your family. Or maybe you have a litter coming up and you what everyone on the WWW to know about it. This is the place... your welcome to join and brag away to your hearts content. If it becomes known that someone in our group is in actual fact a puppy farmer or from a animal trading place, all posts will be deleted and a block will be activated.


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Google Groups

"Google Groups is a free online community and discussion group service that offers the Web's most comprehensive archive of Usenet postings (more than a billion messages). We've recently added a number of features that make Google Groups an even more effective way to communicate with groups of people online."

There is also Weimaraner Google Group called Weimaraner Chat.  You can visit the group page by going here or alternatively you can join by using the join box provided below.

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Weimaraner Chat is the place for all things Weimaraner


Other Groups That Keep Us All Informed

In these times of aggressive attacks by Animal Liberationist and Animal Rights groups such as PETA, upon the pet owner, dog breeder, meat eater, the following groups offer valuable information and pro-active discussion relating to pet ownership, breeding, meat eating, various aspects of legislation [mainly USA] and suggestion on how to lobby your politicians. Consider joining these and keep up with the enemy!


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Google Groups

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This is an announcement only group for
information sharing on the subject of PETA,
Animal Liberationist, Animal Rights and
other Ecoterrorist groups.
Be informed, join today.


Google Groups

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This is an announcement only group for information
sharing on the subject of the R.S.P.C.A.
Keep up with what the RSPCA is doing
or NOT doing, join today.


And Something to Help You With Windows

WinTips-Tricks is possibly the most user friendly eGroup with a huge base of knowledgeable people who can communicate at all levels of knowledge, understanding and skill .

. . . even I, the not so code savvy, understood the replies to my cries for help.


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