Weis-Ways Newsletter

Weis-Ways Newsletter is an irregular publication.

I know what you are wondering . . . "Where are my copies? I subscribed so long ago I forgot I even subscribed".

... well I haven't published one yet. It is still my intent to do this in the future.

My goal, through Weis Ways newsletter, is to bring you useful information about dogs in general but Weimaraners in particular. This information will come from various sources. 

This is a very new venture for me, with many lessons to be learnt I am sure. The format and content may change as I learn and adjust. If you would like to subscribe to Weis Ways newsletter, further down on this page I have provided an easy way for you to do this.

If you have already subscribed, you will need to do so again. The database was cleared 23rd March 2008.