Immune System Disorder (ISD)


Immune System Disorder in dogs and cats exists in purebred and mixed breeds. A number of interesting articles have been written on the association between immune system disorders and vaccines. This pages gives you a jump off point to some of these articles and others not related to vaccine use.


Immune System Disorder (ISD) Statement by WCA

A small percentage of Weimaraners puppies manifest an autoimmune reaction following vaccination with combination MLV (modified live virus) vaccines. When the immune system of susceptible individuals is challenged by multi antigens it becomes hyperreactive and responds in the same way it would to fight an infection, fever, elevated WBC (white blood count) and inflammatory reaction of tissues and joints.

Immune Response from GSP Club of America

Immunologists have learnt that various elements of an animals diet play an important role in development of the immune system.

For years, people in animal related work have talked about malnutrition and its effects on resistance on disease. Now they are looking at why this happens.


Apparent Immune System Disorder In Weimaraners
by DRS: C.C.B. ROBINSON & J.C. VAUDREY from the Mornington Veterinary Clinic

This article describes our experiences with one female Weimaraner puppy from 11 weeks to 5 years of age. We have not been able to exactly define the problem, except to say that it appears to be a malfunction of the immune system, that is appears to be genetically based and, although reluctant to say, it can be cured. We feel it can be controlled and this dog appears to have grown out of it.


Bloat Seizures Stained teeth... Do North Americans inflict them upon their dogs?
By JEAN M. LYLE - Wycliffe Kennels, reg'd

There appears to be some grounds for believing that parvo, given at the same time as other disease shots, suppresses the IMMUNE SYSTEM of pups or adults, thus allowing the dog to contract sub-acute cases of distemper which resulted in encephalitis.

Immunodeficiency in Weimaraners
Dr Couto has discovered a disturbing problem in Weimaraners, an immune system deficiency similar to Chronic Granulomatous Disease (CGD), which is seen in children. It may be similar to the human Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

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