Britfeld Yesterdaysdream Export to U.S.A. : Achievements

"The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want."
- Ben Stein

I would like to thank the Wendel family for allowing another Britfeld Weimaraner into their lives and to give Kye, as they are giving to Brit, every opportunity to shine so brightly. I truly feel blessed to know Dan, Kim, Jeremy and Jordan Wendel.

My appreciation to Dustin Brunning for his handling of Kye at select shows.

My sincere appreciation to Debra Meifert of the West End Kennels for her expert handling of Kye in field and conformation competition and helping to bring Kye closer to becoming a Dual Champion.

And last but not least, I extend my appreciation to all the judges who have recognized Kye's true Weimaraner qualities.


In the show ring

  • Cornhusker Kennel Club Lincoln Nebraska
    • Date: 2 October 2004
    • Judge: Mr. LaMar Mathis
    • Result: 2nd place Puppy Class

  • Cornhusker Kennel Club Lincoln Nebraska
    • Date: 3 October 2004
    • Judge: Mrs. Loraine Boutwell
    • Result: 1st place Puppy Class, Reserve Winners Dog

  • Lawrence Jayhawk Kennel Club Lawrence Kansas
    • Date: 9 October 2004
    • Judge: Mr. Ronald H Menaker
    • Result: 1st place Puppy Class, Reserve Winners Dog, Best Puppy of Breed, Group 1 over all Sporting Breed Puppies

  • Lawrence Jayhawk Kennel Club Lawrence Kansas
    • Date: 10 October 2004
    • Judge: Mr. William Robert Russell Jr.
    • Result: Runner up Puppy class, Reserve Winners Dog

  • Rapid City Kennel Club Rapid City South Dakota
    • Date: 15 October 2004
    • Judge: Miss Dolores (Dee) H Maltz
    • Result: 1st Puppy Class

  • Rapid City Kennel Club Rapid City South Dakota
    • Date: 16 October 2004
    • Judge: Mr. Clinton M Harris
    • Result: 1st Puppy Class, Reserve Winners Dog

  • Rapid City Kennel Club Rapid City South Dakota
    • Date: 17 October 2004
    • Judge: Dr. Sylvia J Kerr
    • Result: 1st Puppy Class, Winners Dog [3 Points Major]
  • Pocatello Kennel Club
    • Date: June 2005
    • Judge:
    • Result: Best of Opposite Winners [1 Point]


In the field

News from Dan and Kim -



FANTASTIC news about Kye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were in Wisc these last few days for a Field Trial & Kye got 1st place in the Amateur Walking Derby. Dan ran him & thought he had an excellent run but didn't expect 1st. :) Kye ran against 13 other dogs (14 total). The best news is that it was an All Breed run & it is really hard for weims to win. There were GSPs, Pointers, Vizslas & KYE GOT 1ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can't wait to see what he can do when he is older. He ran against older dogs & he is only 16 months old!!


  • Wisconsin Weimaraner Club - All Breed Amateur Derby
    • Date: 7 May 2005
    • Judge: T.B.A.
    • Result: 1st Palce over 13 other dogs


  • Willamette Weimaraner Club Walking Trial - Field Trial [Kye's first field trial]
    • Date:
    • Judge:
    • Result: 2nd Place from a total entry of 8 dogs


A few words from Debra Meifert of Westend Kennels 31 August 2005 -


Well Kye ran really nice and big. Worked his objectives, even came into experience a big old bull. His point was a bit short. The bird was right in the open and when Kye hit the scent and started to stop he seen the bird, bird flew and Kye took off. I know that if he had pointed nice like we know he does he would have won. Hands down. It was a very large all breed stake, 20 dogs. Fortunately we had the top two dogs, only two Weim's in there, and Zima who would have gone second, went first. She now has her derby points and out of the Weim only derby. It was 8:00 last night when they finally finished and too late to call.

Every one was raving over Kye and how awesome he was to watch. I commented think about how he is going to run once we start working off of horseback.

We are going up this week to do just that. Kye will be running in all of the Weim only derby trials. That boy can run. I think that Dan just lost his hunting dog. Hopefully we will do well in the shows, Myron has got him muscled up and in condition. So I will go to work on him for showing this week in between the field stuff. Poor guy he is really working.




How did Kye end 2005?

7th on the Top 10 Derby List 2005.

Who knows where he would have finished if he hadn't give the other dogs a 6 month head start . . .


For more information about Kye

There are exciting plans for Kye and his future. If you would like to know more about this shining star, Stud work or what's in store, please write to Dan and Kim Wendel by e-mail. Or visit their website Winsome Weimaraners.

Foot Note: Sadly Kye's hip results failed despite his Sire and Dam having passing hip results, and he has been neutered.