Britfeld Yesterdaysdream Export to U.S.A.

"If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it."
Jonathan Winters

Two days before Christmas and there was much excitement in the air. Wendel Family Photo August 2004Ally and Xardiko were about to become parents once again. Having already produced the "V" gang of sound body and mind, the "Y" gang had arrived. Seven handsome boys and two beautiful girls. From these seven boys, one was destined for world travel, to American to be precise. Iowa in fact and to join his half sister Britfeld Winsome Lady JH NSD.

Kye turned heads as soon as he landed his little paws in America.

Kye will be handled by Dustin Brunning and Debra Meifert of the West End Kennels during his show career and at times he will be owner handled. You can get to know Dustin by visiting here.


For Britfeld Yeastersdream Export to U.S.A.more information about Kye

There are exciting plans for Kye and his future. If you would like to know more about this shining star, Stud work or what's in store, please write to Dan and Kim Wendel by e-mail. Or visit their website Winsome Weimaraners.