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“LouLou’s” Story

This story begins 27 September 1993, when a very special litter was whelped at the home of Judy and Tony Glover of  Feldjaeger Weimaraners.  LouLou is one of 5 girls and 2 boys from this litter and one of three champions born to Jill Mallard’s gorgeous “Robert” and Judy and Tony’s beautiful “Casey”.

Ch Britfeld Poetry Inmotion - January 1994

Ch Britfeld Poetry Inmotion - February 1994

Ch Britfeld Poetry Inmotion - New South Wales Specialty Show March 1994

January 1994  February 1994 New South Wales
 Specialty Show March 1994
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On 4 July 1996, LouLou was booked on a flight destined for Sweden.  She was heading for a whole new and wonderful life with Mimmi Erixon of Mimmtrix Weimaraners and her Aust Ch/SV'98/NORDV'99 Britfeld Poetry Inmotion Export to Swedenlovely friend, “Trix”.  The weekend prior to her departure she had two shows to gain her championship title.  Whether she got the required points or not, she was going regardless.  On Saturday, she got the CC,  so that left Sunday’s show.  But on Sunday, there was competition,  another female!  Any other time this would not be a concern, of course competition is a healthy part of exhibiting and breeding, but I can tell you straight from the heart, on that Sunday I did not want any competition.  That was it, the last show and she was going,  all I wanted was an easy CC.  So Sunday came, with my heart beating and palm sweating, LouLou and I went into the ring and performed like there was no tomorrow. Through the mud and in gumboots,  with only the occasional shine from the sun. Then it was LouLou and the other female back in the ring for the CC… And YES!  LouLou gets the CC…  What a relief, she will go as a champion. (Mimmi was not going to wait any longer!)

There was no quarantine for her on arrival,  so she went straight to her new home from the airport.  She began her show career almost immediately and one month after her arrival she won her first BEST IN SHOW (BIS),  in October of the same year she won her second BIS and in May of the following year she won her third BIS. LouLou has placed many times at BIS level and BEST IN GROUP (BIG) level and you can read about these and her critiques on LouLou’s Show Career Highlights Page.

Mimmi with LouLou 1st BEST IN SHOW August 1996

Aust Ch/SV'98/NORDV'99 Britfeld Poetry Inmotion Export to Sweden - LouLou's 2nd BEST IN SHOW October 1996

Mimmi with LouLou
August 1996

Mimmi with LouLou
October 1996

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LouLou not only excelled as a competitor but as a producer. From her first litter to Impi the talented and beautiful Swedish Ch/Finnish Ch/Danish Ch/Nordic Ch Field Ch/ Norwegian Ch Mimmtrix Sally was born. And in turn Sally was mated to Caro Vom Zehnthof to produce my Mimmtrix Hubert Xardiko At Britfeld imp Sweden.  LouLou’s second litter was by the lovely Ansona Beretta which produced 5 Field Merited dogs, a record in Sweden. Previously, no other female has produced more the four Field Merited dogs.  Her third litter was by Caro Vom Zehnthof.

I would like to thank many people who in some way have helped in producing and/or caring of this remarkable female:

  • Judy and Tony Glover of FELDJAEGER WEIMARANERS for allowing me the opportunity to breed a litter from their beautiful Casey under the Britfeld prefix.
  • Jill Mallard of YLAND WEIMARANERS who allowed the rendezvous between her gorgeous Robert and the beautiful Casey to take place.
  • Helen and Michael Eames who took care of LouLou for almost 12 months.
  • Eva and Kent Pedersen of HELLA WEIMARANERS – Norway who found Mimmi Erixon,  a truly remarkable person.
  • Mimmi Erixon of MIMMTRIX WEIMARANERS – Sweden who not only gave LouLou a wonderful and caring home, but loved her and believed in her ability to be an influential producer and a force to be reckoned with in conformation competition.
  • And last but not least the wonderful “Trix” who was LouLou's  companion.


LouLou relaxing a few days after her arrival.

Ch Britfeld Poetry Inmotion and her companion Tri-x #2

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Aust Ch/SV'98/NORDV '99 Britfeld Poetry Inmotion Export to Sweden and her creature comforts.

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Aust Ch/SV'98/NORDV'99 Britfeld Poetry Inmotion Export to Sweden in the lap of luxury.

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Rest In Peace my Beautiful LouLou

27th September 1993 - 13th June 2007


Request From Rainbow Bridge

Weep not for me though I am gone

Into that gentle night

Grieve if you will, but not for long

Upon my soul's sweet flight.

I am at peace, my soul's at rest

There is no need for tears.

For with your love I was so blessed

For all those many years.

There is no pain, I suffer not,

The fear now all is gone.

Put now these things out of your thoughts,

In your memory I live on.

Remember not my fight for breath

Remember not the strife

Please do not dwell upon my death,

But celebrate my life.

© 1992, Constance Jenkins

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