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Export to Sweden

LouLou as a producer

The quality of a brood female can only be measured by the quality and success of her progeny.  LouLou has certainly proven this over and over again in her progeny from her three litters to three different sires.  She has proven that her high quality of FORM and FUNCTION has been passed onto her offspring.  Included here are those very impressive results from her breeding.

First litter

Sire: Impi

Date Whelped: 24 January 1997


  • Mimmtrix Doris - female

  • Mimmtrix Vera AF Impi - female

  • Mimmtrix Sally - female

  • Mimmtrix Linn - female

  • Mimmtrix Irma - female

  • Mimmtrix Alice - female

Progeny achievements:

Five of the six litter mates are proven Bloodtracking Dog and all five have commenced Retrieving Trials.  Sally and Vera both hold the title of Bloodtracking Champion.  Sally is the first and only Weimaraner to date [1 February 2003] to hold the title of Triple Champion in Scandinavia.  Linn is a show Champion and is Fieldtrial Merited.  Sally and Linn are the only two Weimaraners in Sweden to be merited in hunting trials, both in field and woodland.

Second litter

Sire: Ansona Beretta (frozen semen was imported from UK and this litter is a result of artificial insemination) 

Date whelped:   15 January 1998


  • Mimmtrix Zoe AF Ansona - female
  • Mimmtrix Tricia - female
  • Mimmtrix Winston - dog
  • Mimmtrix Nessie - female
  • Mimmtrix Aya - female

Progeny achievements:

This whole litter holds merits, four have Excellent results in Retrieving Trial, four are proven Bloodtracking Dogs and Tricia is a Bloodtracking Champion.  Two have won prizes in Field Trials and four hold merits in conformation competition. Nessie has be awarded C.A.C. at 3 shows in a row (3 is the maximum for any Weimaraner in Sweden).  She hold the title of SV'01 and has won BISS.


Third litter

Sire: Caro Vom Zehnthof (Germany) 

Date whelped: 22 June 1999


  • Mimmtrix Faust - dog
  • Mimmtrix Waltraut - female
  • Mimmtrix Hilde - female
  • Mimmtrix Gunther - dog
  • Mimmtrix Tanja - female
  • Mimmtrix Isa - female (export to Norway)
  • Mimmtrix Ida AF Zehnthof - female

Progeny achievements:

Two have Excellent results in Retrieving Trials.  Faust attained his SV CH Title at 18 months of age. He has been awarded with two C.A.C. and is Fieldtrial Merited. He has be awarded C.A.C. Dog Sled Racing. Faust is now the proud holder of Swedish Bloodtracking Champion and Swedish Sledrace Champion. His litter sister Waltraut won the Swedish Weimaraner Club Bloodtracking Trial in 2000 at just 15 months of age, and is Fieldtrail Merited.   Ida is placed In Group at conformation competition level. Four of the litter mates have under gone a temperament test and gunshot test and all four are champions.



Sally on point for partridge.




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