Past and Present Memberships

I first became involved with dogs in Australia 1982 when I purchased my first dog Nara, a GSP cros Kelpie from the Pearcedale Animal Shelter. Very quickly I became involved in obedience and soon after Nara came Duchess. Duches was my first Weimaraner and unequivocally responsible for getting me 'hooked' on pourebred dogs, Weimaraner in particular. In a short spell of time I became a member of a number of clubs and organization. This page takes you through my past and present memberships.

Australian Purebred Canine Federation Inc




Australian Purebred Canine Federation Inc




Weimaraner Club of A.C.T.





Weimaraner Club Of Queensland Inc.





Weimaraner Club of Victoria Inc.





Weimaraner Club of New South Wales Inc.






Weimaraner Club of South Australia Inc.





Weimaraner Club of America





Victorian Canine Association Inc. (formally the Kennel Control Council Inc.,) now Dogs Victoria Inc.,

Weimaraner Club of New Zealand

The Tasmanian Weimaraner Postal Club

German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Victoria

Weimaraner Club of Great Britain 

Albury & Border Kennel Club

New Zealand Kennel Club


Southern Obedience Dog Training Club