4th Australian Weimaraner National

Time seems to fly and 5 years since the 3rd National held in Victoria seems to have done just that ... flown by with a single blink.

A change of host Club was announce moving the 4th National from Queensland back down south to South Australia to be hosted by the Weimaraner Club of South Australia Inc. This club hosted a very successful 2nd National in November of 2001.

Officiating judge for conformation is Wolfgang Führing of Germany who began his involvement with Weimaraners in 1976. For a period of 12 years between 1977 through to 1989 Wolfgang Führing was responsible for the German Breeding Register. He has bred 11 litters under his 'Vom Rießen' prefix between 1976 through to 1986.

Sweepstakes judge for conformation is Mrs Iris Glynn of South Australia while Mrs Marie Merchant is the reserve judge.

Gundog Working Test for Novice and Open Classes has Mr Keith Millington of South Australia officiating while Mrs Kathy Millington of South Australia officiates the Obedience judging.

Finally the Endurance Test sees Mr Keith Millington of South Australia officiating once again.

Sadly I was not able to attend the 4th National but I look forward to bringing you stories as expereinced by those who did attend.


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