To assist you in understanding the order form better and the conditions of sale, please read this page carefully. If you require clarification, please write me (contact details are located here).

The Weimaraner is a large dog and very careful consideration must be given to the purchase of this breed. The type of things you must consider include; ongoing feed bills, veterinary care and the time and commitment required for the training and loving of this beautiful animal. After some 25+ years involvement, to date, with this truly unique breed, I have been fortunate to acquire a wealth of knowledge and experience which I am more then happy to share with you in any way that will assist you and your puppy to become the best of friends and build a wonderful relationship with each other. How ever, I am not in a position to take puppies or adults back for what ever reason, so please take some time for serious consideration. Though I am not in a position to take puppies or adults back, I would like to be involved in finding a suitable new home so please involve me in this process.

The price of each puppy is something I am happy to discuss with you in detail. To give you an idea of the cost of a puppy, the price starts at AU$1500·00.  In addition to the purchase price of the puppy, there may be associated costs depending on your complete order. I am more than happy to ship your puppy to you, however the entire cost of this will be your responsibility. Further, international shipping will attract other costs which vary from country to country. To enable me to give you an accurate price, please ensure you supply full details on the order form or when you write me.

I have exported puppies to 7 countries around the world so to ship internationally is not a problem for me. Jet Pets Animal Travel My preferred carrier is JET PETS  for all my state, interstate and international shipping. Once again all associated costs for international and/or interstate and/or state shipping will be your responsibility. If you live interstate or over seas, please don't forget to nominate the airport to which your puppy will be shipped.

If you have decided to purchase one or more of my Weimaraners, I would require a deposit of half the purchase price as a show of you commitment. This deposit is only refundable if I am unable to supply you with a puppy due to health, death or otherwise reason/s.

I hold the Weimaraner near and dear to my heart, and as hard as I try to secure responsible, caring and loving homes for my dogs, there has been the rarest of occasions where some one has managed to get one of my Weimaraners and not been responsible, caring and loving.

As a responsible breeder, I am committed to doing my part in reducing the unwanted dog population and at times there may be some conditions relating to the purchase of a puppy from me. I am more then happy to discuss these with you prior to you forwarding your deposit. You can write me with any question you have at any time by visiting the contact page located here for an e-mail address.

Upon receiving of your deposit, I will write you a receipt for the amount received, outlining outstanding balance due which must be paid on the day of picking up your puppy. The outstanding amount must either be in cash or a bank cheque. Personal cheques are not accepted. My apologies for any inconvenience but I am sure you can guess why I have stopped accepting personal cheques.