Over the last 25+ years, I have received many complementary letters from happy owners of my Weimaraner puppies. I have provided this page to share with you small snippets from a few of these letters. Receiving letters likes these means more to me then I could possibly express in words. I thank all the wonderful people who have given my puppies such caring and loving homes and for expressing their confidence in my ability to use my knowledge of the Weimaraner breed to produce amicable and biddable Weimaraners.
Svetlana Sally Johnston


from Fiona about "Goose"

I have sent a couple of photos of the kids and Goose. They love her very much. Sometimes a bit too much but she has found sanctuary under the dining room table. She is absolutely fabulous and I couldn't really ask for much more in a puppy. My new neighbours were commenting on how well behaved she was compared to their nutty boxer. Unfortunately there are some other relevant diseases in Hong Kong that need to be immunized against which means that Goose is house bound until next weekend and I think she is bored. We did take her on the boat to a deserted island to let her play in the sand and she loved that. She has been socializing with friends dogs and has got on very well with them but she is a feisty wee thing and doesn't half give them some grief. I think she knows about our fights over the sleeping arrangements as she has been working her way around the house. One night with us and the next with the twins and then with Rory and so on.

Her training is going very well and even the kids are helping with that now although I think they sometimes confuse her.

We are very happy with her and will definitely recommend your dogs to anyone who inquires.

I will continue to send photos and let you know how she is.

I got the pedigree, photos etc. Thanks.  

Sue & Ross about “Cree” and “Sally”

The most important part of this letter that would interest you both is about “Cree”. We miss him terribly and can’t help but think about him and wonder what stage he would have been up to. Prior to his death, Cree was really showing ability. Retrieving duck like a champ. And also quail. He was retrieving quail at 14 weeks. Rabbits no problem either. What more can I say about Cree, except in the short time we had him, he was loyal companion, showed great intelligence as a gun dog and was always gentle and protective of Ricky. Lovely nature. We are both very keen to get another Weimaraner from you.

Ross & Sue got “Sally” and this is a short sum up about her: “Sally” is just great. Pointing quail and working rabbits beautifully.

from John about “Nelson”

“Nelson” is a total joy. His temperament with people and other dogs is marvelous, he socializes very well. He is very healthy and I’ve had no problems with him. He is well behaved and I take him everywhere with me. He enjoys a car ride although sometimes he decided he would like to sit on my knee (like when he was a small). You can imagine the problems there, as he is a little big for that now.

from Andrew about “Elke”

Thank you for “Elke”. She is wonderful, beautiful and funny. I have pictures of her on my wall and on my desk. I love “Elke” a lot and she is so sweet to me, thank you very much.

from Deirdre, Andrew and Ben about “Tasha”

We think she is a marvelous dog, although she’s not quite the guard dog we’d anticipated. She licks everyone to death! She has a lovely temperament and she is a credit to your breeding. I think we’d be lost without her now.

from Kay and Chuck about “Oscar”

“Oscar” is our baby and we love him very much. Who need kids when Oscar is the best you can have. He is very intelligent and is part of our family. He likes to do what Chuck and I do, he hates being left out.

from John about “Wilbur”

“Wilbur” is doing very well and has brought us great happiness. He is very obedient and we are proud to be the owners of a Weimaraner. His energy seems endless and our vet says he is quite healthy, we will send some photos soon and as soon as we can, we will drop in to see you.

from Jens about “Elle”

“Elle” has grown into a fine looking female, both in body and mind. She has filled out considerably and is displaying a fine bodyline. Her training has progressed well from the basics. In the field she is keenly retrieving shot game, rabbits, ducks and quail and even more encouraging she displays a good point.

from Craig about a puppy inquiry

Thanks for all the trouble you went to and for photographs and pedigrees enclosed with your letter. After our discussion on the phone, I had already set my mind on one of your pups. And after seeing the photos of your bitches, this was confirmed. I was particularly impressed with the photo of “Britt” as it seems to show an intelligent and alert expression.