American Pedigree Abbreviations

Pedigrees can be tricky to understand to someone who has purchased their first purebred, registered Weimaraner.

There is a reasonable chance that various letters will be found before and/or after the registered name of some Weimaraners within the pedigree.

Each country has a recognised purebred dog registry that issues such pedigrees.

To help you understand the abbreviations, I have provided a complete list, some of which can be found on an American Weimaraner Pedigree. (For the really great achieving Weimaraners, perhaps all the abbreviations can be found on its pedigree).

American Pedigree Abbreviations

Conformation competition:

CH American Champion
AM CH American Champion - as seem on Australian pedigrees for those Weimaraners which have been imported from USA 
DL CH Dual Champion 
Obedience Competition:
CD Companion Dog
CDX Companion Dog Excellent
UD Utility Dog
UDT Utility Dog & Tracking Dog
UDTX Utility Dog & Tracking Dog Excellent
OT CH Obedience Trial Champion 
TD Tracking Dog
TDX Tracking Dog Excellent
TD CH Tracking Dog Champion
Retrieving and Field:
AFC American Field Champion
Amt.FCH or Amt.Fld.Ch  Amateur Field Champion
FCH., FLD CH or Fld.Ch   Field Champion
Ratings offered by the Weimaraner Club Of America: 
NSD Novice Shooting Dog
SD Shooting Dog 
SDX Shooting Dog Excellent
NRD Novice Retrieving Dog
RD Retrieving Dog
RDX Retrieving Dog Excellent
V Versatile
VX  Versatile Excellent 
BROM Breed Register Of Merit
VD von der, German for 'of the' - is part of the registered name
V von, German for 'of' - is part of the  registered name
TT Temperament Test
CGC Canine Good Citizen 
AKC American Kennel Club
WCA Weimaraner Club of America
OFA Orthopedic Foundation for Animals