German Pedigree Abbreviations

Pedigrees can be tricky to understand to someone who has purchased their first purebred, registered Weimaraner.

There is a reasonable chance that various letters will be found before and/or after the registered name of some Weimaraners within the pedigree.

Each country has a recognised purebred dog registry that issues such pedigrees.

To help you understand the abbreviations, I have provided a complete list, some of which can be found on a German Weimaraner Pedigree. (For the really great acheiving Weimaraners, perhaps all the abbreviations can be found on its pedigree).

German Pedigree Abbreviations

CONFORMATION & COAT QUALITY - rating for each is indicated by a slash (/).

V Excellent
sg Very Good
g  Good
(J)  Youth rating at 9-15 months
VSwP Association Blood Tracking Examination
VSwP1 Age of track minimum 20 hours (no prize)
VSwP2 Age of track minimum 40 hours (no prize)
SwI/, SwII/ or SwIII Roman numeral indicates 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize; slash after numeral indicates track minimum 20 hours old
Sw/I, Sw/II or Sw/III Roman numeral indicates 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize; slash before
numeral indicates track minimum 40 hours old
SwI/I Roman numeral indicates prize (1st,2nd or 3rd), slash between numerals indicates qualification on both 20 & 40 hour tracks
mrg Mouse Grey
sgr Silver Grey
drgr Deer Grey
L Longhair
LK Longhair Carrier
J  VJP rating (natural ability examination)
H HZP rating (advanced natural ability & breeding examination)
AZP AZP rating
G VGP rating  (master's performance examination)
Sil Gives voice when game sighted
Spurl Gives voice when on game scent track
ms Protectiveness, usually followed by a number 1-4
Totverb  Barks in order to lead handler to dead game
Totverw Carries leather thong in the mouth to indicate game has been found at the end of blood track and leads handler to dead game
rs Aggressiveness towards predators examination usually followed by a number 1-4
Vbr  Lost game retrieval on a natural blood trail examination
Btr Retrieving reliability examination
A.H. Armbruster Halt Award