Pedigree Abbreviations

How difficult is it to understand all those letters which appear onj your Weimaraner's pedigree?

Darn hard that's for sure!

I was gob smacked when I saw Duchess' pedigree . . . clueless!

So I have compiled a list of those acronyms for three countries; Australia, German and America. These are the three major countries that appear in the pedigrees of Weimaraners in Australia.

These lists will give you a better insight into just how fantasic your Weimaraner's pedigree is Wink

Use the following links to learn about the acronyms on your Weimaraner's pedigree abbreviations;


Australian Pedigree Abbreviations

German Pedigree Abbreviations

American Pedigree Abbreviations


This page contains all the above pedigree abbreviations for your conveniance.

Abbreviations on German Pedigrees

CONFORMATION & COAT QUALITY - rating for each is indicated by a slash (/).
V Excellent
sg Very Good
g  Good
(J)  Youth rating at 9-15 months
VSwP Association Blood Tracking Examination
VSwP1 Age of track minimum 20 hours (no prize)
VSwP2 Age of track minimum 40 hours (no prize)
SwI/, SwII/ or SwIII Roman numeral indicates 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize; slash after numeral indicates track minimum 20 hours old
Sw/I, Sw/II or Sw/III Roman numeral indicates 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize; slash before
numeral indicates track minimum 40 hours old
SwI/I Roman numeral indicates prize (1st,2nd or 3rd), slash between numerals indicates qualification on both 20 & 40 hour tracks
mrg Mouse Grey
sgr Silver Grey
drgr Deer Grey
L Longhair
LK Lnghair Carrier
J  VJP rating (natural ability examination)
H HZP rating (advanced natural ability & breeding examination)
AZP AZP rating
G VGP rating  (master's performance examination)
Sil Gives voice when game sighted
Spurl Gives voice when on game scent track
ms Protectiveness, usually followed by a number 1-4
Totverb Barks in order to lead handler to dead game
Totverw Carries leather thong in the mouth to indicate game has been found at the end of blood track and leads handler to dead game
rs Aggressiveness towards predators examination usually followed by a number 1-4
Vbr Llost game retrieval on a natural blood trail examination
Btr Retrieving reliability examination
A.H. Armbruster Halt Award

Abbreviations on Australian Pedigrees

Conformation competition:
CH/Ch/AUST CH  Australian Champion
GR CH/Gr Ch/GD  Grand Champion
Obedience Competition:
CD   Companion Dog (Novice Class)
CDX  Companion Dog Excellent (Open Class)
UD  Utility Dog (Utility Class)
OC/O CH Obedience Champion
(It is worth mentioning that recent changes to the obedience rules have introduced the new requirement for the title of Obedience Champion.  Up until these changes were introduced a dog was required to have all the following titles to qualify as an Obedience Champion: CD, CDX, UD, TD and TDX) 
TD Tracking Dog
(before a dog can compete for this title, it must pass a Preliminary Test which consists of a 300 mt track with one turn, made by a known track layer.) 
TDX Tracking Dog Excellent
T Ch/T CH Tracking  Champion
(It is worth mentioning that recent changes to the tracking rules have allowed for the title of TRACKING DOG CHAMPION, with the addition of Track 6.)
Retrieving and Field:
RT CH Retrieving Trial Champion
FL CH Field Trial Champion
NRD Novice Retrieving Dog
RRD Restricted Retrieving Dog
NFD Novice Field Dog
QC Qualifying Certificate (Field or Retrieving)
CM Certificate Of Merit (Field or Retrieving)
DM Diploma Of Merit (Field or Retrieving)
JD Jumping Dog      
JDX   Jumping Dog Excellent
 JDM  Jumping Dog Master
AD Agility Dog
ADX Agility Dog Excellent
ADM Agility Dog Master
ET  Endurance Test
IMP Import
AI Artificial Insemination
AVA Australian Veterinary Association
ANKC Australian National Kennel Council 
 VCA Inc, now DV Inc, formaly KCC Inc
Victorian Canine Association Incorporated now Dogs Victoria Incorporated and prior to VCA Inc this organisation was known as the Kennel Control Club Incorporatede (KCC Inc)

Abbreviations on American Pedigrees

Conformation competition:
CH American Champion
AM CH American Champion - as seem on Australian pedigrees for those Weimaraners which have been imported from USA 
DL CH Dual Champion 
Obedience Competition:
CD Companion Dog
CDX Companion Dog Excellent
UD Utility Dog
UDT Utility Dog & Tracking Dog
UDTX Utility Dog & Tracking Dog Excellent
OT CH Obedience Trial Champion 
TD Tracking Dog
TDX Tracking Dog Excellent
TD CH Tracking Dog Champion
Retrieving and Field:
AFC American Field Champion
Amt.FCH or Amt.Fld.Ch  Amateur Field Champion
FCH., FLD CH or Fld.Ch   Field Champion
Ratings offered by the Weimaraner Club Of America: 
NSD Novice Shooting Dog
SD Shooting Dog 
SDX Shooting Dog Excellent
NRD Novice Retrieving Dog
RD Retrieving Dog
RDX Retrieving Dog Excellent
V Versatile
VX  Versatile Excellent 
BROM Breed Register Of Merit
VD von der, German for of the - is part of the registered name
V von, German for of - is part of the  registered name
TT Temperament Test
CGC Canine Good Citizen 
AKC American Kennel Club
WCA Weimaraner Club of America
OFA Orthopedic Foundation for Animals