Shelters and Rescue Around Australia

A quick reference page for shelter and rescue links for animals, dogs in particular, around Australia.


PEDIGREE ADOPTION - All dogs deserve a loving home but, sadly, every year over 200,000 unwanted pets are needlessly euthanased in Australia. It's a tragic fact that has driven our commitment to help alleviate the plight of homeless dogs.

Western Australia [WA]:

GERALDTON DOG RESCUE - The Geraldton Dog Rescue program, run by volunteers and supported by the City of Geraldton, is designed to rehome suitable dogs from the City Of Geraldton pound. If unclaimed after 72 pound-hours, dogs deemed suitable for rehoming are taken from the pound, vet checked, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated and, if necessary, groomed. They are then placed in a "foster home" whilst a permanent home is found for them via the program's advertising network.

K9 RESCUE GROUP - Dog Rescue Group . . . because every good dog deserves a place to call home! All enquiries to 

S.A.F.E. Ins (SAVING ANIMALS FROM EUTHANASIA) - To ensure that no companion animal succumbs to euthanasia purely through lack of somewhere to stay and that optimum quality of life is achieved for all companion animals.

SOUTH WEST ANIMAL RESCUE - South West Animal Rescue Inc. is a not for profit organisation based in  Bunbury, the south west of Western Australia. We are run entirely by a small, but dedicated group of volunteers. South West Animal Rescue (SWAR) was established in November 2006 to address the lack of an animal shelter in the Bunbury area. Our primary goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned domestic animals. SWAR rely on foster carers to house the animals while we are looking for their "forever home", We are also actively looking at ways to establish an animal shelter at a permanent base in the Bunbury or surrounding area. SWAR are strong advocates of responsible pet ownership through sterilising to prevent unwanted offspring. We also believe in potential dog owners, researching and choosing the correct breed of dog to suit their lifestyle.

THE DOGS' REFUGE HOME - At the Dogs’ Refuge Home in Shenton Park we love dogs and are committed to saving them. In fact we save hundreds of unwanted, neglected, abandoned and abused dogs every year.

Queensland (Q'Land):

4 PAWS ANIMAL RESCUE REFUGE - 4 Paws Animal Rescue provides refuge for homeless dogs and cats on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia .. we are a non profit organization .. most of our animals come from council pounds .. some are surrendered or abandoned .. others are saved from cruel living conditions .. often abused and neglected .. all these animals are placed into wonderful foster care until they are safely rehomed into permanent kind loving families.

BEST FRIENDS RESCUE (B.F.R.) - Best Friends Refuge Rescue and is a non-profit registered charity that saves and rehomes abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats in Brisbane on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas in Queensland Australia. Most of our animals are saved from death row in Council Pounds while others have been surrendered to us. we are 100% No-Kill and as we do not yet have a shelter our animals live with foster carers until the perfect home is found. this service runs successfully because of our dedicated wonderful dedicated foster carers, volunteers and supporters.

SAVE A POUND DOG Q'LAND - We are an entirely non-profit organisation that exists to save adoptable animals. We are a Queensland rescue group whose mission is to help adoptable, friendly dogs on death row in Queensland pounds to find permanent and loving homes.  We are focused on the prevention of the suffering, neglect, abuse and cruelty to these animals by working with our local pounds and animal shelters in all aspects of animal rescue and public education – towards the end result of the placing of these discarded animals into previously checked safe and loving permanent homes.

New South Wales [NSW]:

4 PAWS RESCUE NSW Inc., - It is our mission to eliminate the euthanasia of healthy adoptable pets in our community. We do not accept euthanasia as a means of population control for animals. We believe each animal's life is meaningful and each deserves a loving home. We take responsibility for every animal rescued and placed through 4 PAWS RESCUE NSW for the rest of their natural lives.

DOG RESCUE NEWCASTLE - Dog Rescue Newcastle is a group made up of people just like yourself, who love animals. We have decided to do something about the disgraceful number of animals who are euthanased daily in our community.

FAR WEST ANIMAL RESCUE - If you love dogs and would like to help, one of the ways to do this is to apply to become a foster carer for a dog, through a rescue organisation near you.  Foster carers are needed urgently by all rescue groups to save lives of dogs that are in the pound through no fault of their own.

HELPING PAWS RESCUE - Like many groups looking after the needs for our animals in need, HPR is self funded and rely on funding from adoption fees and donations to continue our work.  Adoption fees on their own are not sufficient considering the cost of 'veting' unwanted and neglected dogs to bring them up to a suitable standard for rehoming. HPR would appreciate donations of different items at different times depending upon need and other recent donations.  This includes (but is not limited to) food, housing (ie cages etc), bedding, and above all, financial donations are most appreciated as they can be used where it is most required.

NSW ANIMAL RESCUE - NSW Animal Rescue Inc was founded just over 5 years ago.  Our philosophy is giving life back to animals that would face certain death through painful neglect, disease and illness. It is also about educating the public about the responsibilities involved in raising and caring for an animal.  We care for small and large special needs animals.  The special needs animals we take into our care are able to be rehomed after they have had extensive & often expensive veterinary care. 

PAW N HOOVES - Paws 'n' Hooves is a "not for profit" animal rescue group based in Sydney. Thanks to the generosity of Barry Pranklin we now have a brand new, state of the art website which will make our job of displaying the animals we have for adoption much easier.  Made up of a group of extremely dedicated volunteers, Paws 'n' Hooves main objective is to save animals from certain death in various pounds and shelters in Sydney and surrounding areas. Animals rescued from "death row" are taken to our foster carers' homes where they are treated like any family pet, until such time as a new and loving, "forever home" can be found for them.

RIVERINA AND DISTRICT ANIMAL RESCUE (R.A.D.A.R.) - RADAR members are a group of people from many walks of life that come together to help companion animals in need. Started two years ago with only a couple of carers as a spin off from another Sydney based group it has grown into a group that has carers all over the Riverina Area and interstate. Many have been involved with animals for many years and have a wealth of knowledge and experience behind them.

SYDNEY PET RESCUE & ADOPTION Inc., -  We have been successfully rescuing and re-homing companion animals, mostly cats and kittens over approx 2 yrs. Some of our founding members have >15 years experience actively working with rescue groups and animal charities.

THE NSW ANIMAL WELFARE LEAGUE - Animal Welfare League NSW (AWL) is Australia’s second largest animal welfare charity comprising of 2 animal shelters and 14 branches of volunteers state wide. AWL takes an active role in government boards and committees, which review, formulate and develop animal welfare legislation. Since the organisation’s inception in 1958, AWL continues to be a leader in current practice relating to animal welfare issues.

THE ANIMAL ADOPTION AGENCY - The Animal Adoption Agency, located in Sydney Australia, is an organisation run by a very dedicated husband and wife team Lee & Fiona Amiti. They devote their lives to taking in animals & finding them happy new homes. Lee & Fiona both have a great love for animals & are sure to provide nothing but the best for the animals in their care.

WAGGA ANIMAL RESCUE - Wagga Animal Rescue is a resource website used for rehoming animals that are saved by individuals around the Wagga Wagga area.   These animals are then assessed and cared for in private homes until a new home is found. The adoption fee covers up to date vaccinations, microchip, flea treatment, worming, desexing and lifetime council registration.     All animals are placed on a 2 week trial to ensure compatibility in your home.

Australian Capital territory [ACT]:

ACT RESCUE and FOSTER - To save and improve the lives of dogs in the Canberra region.

COMPANION ANIMAL RESCUE & ADOPTION (C.A.R.A.) - CARA is a Canberra based non-profit Incorporation dedicated to saving the lives of pets listed for euthanasia at pounds within the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales.

CANBERRA POOCH RESCUE (C.P.R.) - Canberra Pooch Rescue (CPR) is made up of a group of independent rescuers in Canberra, Queanbeyan and Goulburn, Australia, who primarily save dogs from pounds and shelters throughout the ACT and NSW. We also take surrendered dogs if we have room, and this is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Victoria [Vic]:

AUSTRALIAN ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY - The AAPS was first incorporated in 1972 to address the need for an animal shelter in the South Eastern region of Melbourne, Victoria.  The shelter handles mainly dogs and cats and aims to return as many as possible to their owners or re-home them to good homes. Under the leadership of Elizabeth [Betty] Hardy AAPS was established by a group of people genuinely concerned about animal welfare, but dissatisfied with the policies and practices of existing animal welfare organisations and local councils - particularly their methods of euthanasia. AAPS is a community-based, non-government, not-for-profit organisation which relies upon volunteers and community support for both the Animal Shelter and its five Opportunity Shops which provide essential financial support for the Shelter. AAPS is committed to achieving its Charter which is "to work for the aid, assistance, protection and welfare of all animals". Although most animals in our care are dogs and cats we accept ALL animals including native animals, farm animals, birds, ferrets, mice, rabbits and other domesticated animals.

PETS HAVEN - Pets Haven is a registered animal shelter that is devoted to rescuing lost and abandoned animals from pounds across Victoria and re-homing them with loving new families.

THE LOST DOG'S HOME - This is a Database Web Site for Lost and Found Dogs.

THE VICTORIAN ANIMAL AID TRUST - The Victorian Animal Aid Trust (VAAT), now trading as Animal Aid, is a registered not-for-profit animal welfare organisation, that has offered refuge and a second chance to stray and abandoned animals since 1948.

VICTORIAN DOG RESCUE & RESOURCES GROUP Inc., - Victorian Dog Rescue and Resource Group Inc (VicDRG) is a not for profit organisation whose purpose is to decrease the number of dogs euthanased in Victorian pounds each year. Nearly all these dogs could be rehomed and end up in pounds and shelters through no fault of their own. Their misfortune in many cases is they have not been valued by their family and they have not had returned to them the love and loyalty they have given.

South Australia [S.A.]

ANIMAL WELFARE LEAGUE OF S.A. INC. - The Animal Welfare League is the result of over 40 years of tireless work by staff and volunteers who care about the welfare of lost and abandoned companion animals.

GREYHOUND ADOPTION PROGRAM S.A. - The GREYHOUND ADOPTION PROGRAM is a non profit organization created by greyhound lovers dedicated to finding homes for greyhounds whose racing careers have ended. Although countless greyhounds become available for adoption each year, there are not enough people interested in having them as pets. Due to the fact that they are sight hounds and are aroused by the passion of the chase, people think they are aggressive. Up until July of 2004 GAP greyhounds were required by law to wear a muzzle in public but this is no longer so. GAP greyhounds are now required to wear an identifying green collar that is supplied to the greyhound when it is adopted. Actually greyhounds are friendly, affectionate, gentle, good natured dogs. It is one of GAP's main goals to change the widespread negative image of greyhounds. Through a more positive image, GAP hopes to increase the public's desire to care for these pets after their racing careers have finished. The greyhounds available through GAP are desexed, wormed, vaccinated and heartworm tested. A lead, collar and rug for cold weather are provided. An adoption fee exists only to cover these costs. More importantly, they can give as much, if not more affection than they receive. Similar programs have been highly successful in the USA, UK and, more recently in many states of Australia. It is our hope that GAP can improve the image of these beautiful dogs and find loving homes that will bring happiness to both owners and pets.

SOUTH AUSTRALIAN DOG RESCUE - SA Dog Rescue are volunteers in South Australia dedicated to saving dogs from being euthanised and finding them a brand new home that they can live the life that they deserve. All of our dogs are vet checked, vaccinated, wormed, micro-chipped and de-sexed before they leave for adoption.  We pride ourselves on finding the right person for each of the dogs we have in our care. It is very important that we know what you are looking for in a companion so we can match your personality to theirs. We check their temperaments to lessen the chance of them being returned to foster care.


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