Weimaraner Rescue Submission : Australia

The Weimaraner Rescue Section on my site is here specifically to aid in the reuniting and/or re-housing of Weimaraners which have been abandoned for what ever reason/s. I hope that this will become a support site for re-housing Weimaraners which are in shelters and/or dog homes.

I encourage all Dog Homes, Dog Shelters and Weimaraners Clubs to submit details for Weimaraners which are in need of a new, loving and caring home.

Please understand this is not the place for breeders to use as an avenue to find homes for their puppies or older dogs. This a place for those Weimaraner who have been forgotten, who are no longer wanted or cared for.

Submit details for a Weimaraner seeking a loving, caring, forever home

Please submit as many as possible of the details for the Weimaraner in need of a new home. If you are caring for more then one Weimaraner, please sumbit a new message for each.

Please tell me the following information:

Please tell me any of the following information that you may know:

Please know that all the information you send will be used in the listing/s. If there is any information you do not want on the web, you need to specify this in your submission.

Send submission to: weimaranerrescue THEN @ THEN gmail THEN . THEN com

NOTE: You will need to reassemble the e-mail address by removing all instances of the word THEN and all addition spacing so you have a working one.

Let's work together to give the rescue Weimaraner/s a great shot at a happy life Smile


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