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I am proud to provide this page in an effort to reassure parents that my site is friendly for the whole family. This page lists all the certifications that my site has received from well known and respected organisation who work toward helping to provide a safe and enjoyable experience on the web for all ages. Even though they certify that my site is suitable for the whole family to view, I strongly advocate that nothing can possibly be as safe for a child as viewing a web site with a responsible adult.


My site received the iWatchDog™ approval rating 3 May 2002

The iWatchDog™ Program and ICCS Certification, were first introduced in 1994, and have grown to become recognized Internationally. The iWatchDog™ Program consists of a number of services most  of which are designed to help educate Internet users how to use the Internet more  productively and avoid risk of danger from those who choose to use the Internet for unlawful means.


My site received the SafeSurf™ approval rating 22 July 2001

I discovered a problem in trying to access this site 14 August 2002.

An error message is returned:

HTTP 403.6 - Forbidden: IP address rejected Internet Information Services

This is just a brief description of the message. I have contacted SafeSurf™ on two occasions by email, asking clarification regarding this error. How ever as at the time of creating this page, no response has been received.

I have had FarCity Internet Solution look into this matter and attempt to access this site from a number of different IP addresses. The same error message was returned.

I have also had James S. Huggins attempt access to this site, but the same error message was returned.

I conclude, this is a technical problem at SafeSurf™. And as such I was unable to rectify this problem myself.

Should I receive a response from SafeSurf™ to my two emails, I shall update the information

UPDATE: I have not received a response to my email correspondence, to date, however note that as of 22 August 2002 this site can be accessed.

UPDATE: I received a response 26 August 2002, to my correspondence. In brief, SafeSurf™ ISP went down. A result of a major crash during the replacement of new hard drives.

family-friendly sites

Family Friendly Site

My site received the Family-Friendly Sites approval rating 12 April 2002

Family-Friendly Sites emblems are intended to support the online safety of family members using the Internet. They appropriately offer websites a designation that will easily be recognized by family members and other Internet user.

TOL Family Safe Rated

TOL Family Safe Rated

My site received the Touch of Love approval rating 30 march 2002

Touch of Love offer this classification for family safe web sites.



My site received the I.C.R.A. labeling system label 22 July 2001

The Internet Content Rating Association is an international, independent organization that empowers the public, especially parents, to make informed decisions about electronic media by means of the open and objective labeling of content. ICRA's dual aims are to:

  • protect children from potentially harmful material

  • to protect free speech on the internet

iClass Sites!

My site received the iClass AA approval rating 7 June 2002

  • Content is child safe, but primarily focused towards mature and adult visitors

  • Content not necessarily intended for or understandable by young children

  • No nudity

  • No adult language

  • No violent content

  • No adult situations (Online chat rooms will prevent AA level, because of inability to properly moderate against adult content.)

  • No age restricted activities presented or depicted (i.e. smoking or drinking

TOTW Family Safe

My site received notice of acceptance into the TOTW Family Safe Directory 21 July 2002

No sexually explicit/pornographic topics or anything that would be unsafe for children to see displayed on your screen should they walk into the room.

No advertisements (pop-up or otherwise) for alcohol, gambling, tobacco or pornography.

If your site has a chatroom, message board or forum, you should post and enforce rules against sexually explicit language and profanity.

Your site should link only to other safe sites.

You should post the TOTW Family Safe Site logo in a prominent location and agree to remove it should you be contacted that your site no longer meets the TOTW Safe Site requirements.

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