First Critical Period

Birth through three weeks

BASIC NEEDS : Food, sleep warmth, massage.

DO Provide a warm whelping box.



His body thermostat is not sufficiently developed, so he has no control over his temperature. You must assure the whelping room remains warm.
Minimum of handling, and leave to their mother's care.


Mentally the pup is insulated from his environment. There is very little difference in his brain waves awake or asleep. Since the environment has no effect on his metal development at this age, leave him alone except for attending to his physical comfort.
DO NOT Attempt to train.



Studies proved a pup is unable to learn anything except by long repetitions of up to 80 times. Then can only retrain the stimulus for a few seconds.



The pup has reflex responses only to hunger, cold, touch and even elimination, which is created by the mother's massage and lapping. Pups will "pig pile" for warmth. Pup whines and cries. Swings his head from side to side. Can crawl forward and backward, but does not venture out of the nest. His eyes will open between 10 and 19 days of age, however he cannot see. He does not follow moving objects and does not startle at rapid movements. Around 18 days he may get up on wobbly feet and walk.