Tail Docking Procedure Video : Short Version

The purpose of including this video on our website is to show that tail docking does not cause pain and does not cause suffering to the puppies when done by an Accredited Docker.

The RSPCA, AVA and Animals Australia, together with our Labor Party, The Greens and the Democrats politicians [some independents are also included with this bunch], have presented the unsuspecting pubic with misleading, emotional rhetoric regarding the tail docking of dogs.

We repeat, this video is only here to show there is no pain and no suffering to puppies when tail docking is performed by an Accredited Docker.

It is NOT here to *teach* you how to dock puppies tails.

Please DO NOT do that.


Only Accredited Dockers should dock puppies tails.

Tail Docking should always be performed by an Accredited Docker.

Did we mention that tail docking procedure should only be done by an Accredited Docker? 

I extend my sincere gratitude to Debbie Burrows of the famed Pondaroza Australian Silky Terriers and Maltese for allowing me to use this footage.


This is a 30 second clip. (375 Kb)
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