Real Life Stories From Owners & Breeders


It is only those who have gone through the heart ache and heart break that can truly know what it is like to watch your precious pet go through an adverse reaction from vaccination.

The following are snippets of these stories, the whole story is available to you by clicking the appropriate link.

Thomas' Story by Peter Icke

In 1997, at the age of 11 months, our Weimaraner “Thomas” became extremely ill. He lost jaw articulation and his head began to swell in a grotesque and alarming manner. He was in very great pain and we were desperate to identify and treat his condition. After a series of clinical tests our vet concluded that Thomas was suffering from Auto-immune Disease or to be more precise “Auto-immune Mediated Myositis” and the drug prescribed to control his appalling condition was a corticosteroid called “prednisol”.


Polly's Story by Dr Richard Lawrence

Polly's story appeared in the Herald Sun newspaper on 6 March 2004. She is a Labrador Retriever who was diagnosed with Puppy Strangles.

Polly was one sick puppy.

The little retriever pup had only been with her new owners for a few weeks whenshe became acutely depressed, displayed a reluctance to get out of her basket and showing no desire to eat. And as anyone with a Labrador would know, this is not normal behaviour.


Zebedee's Story

Zebedee had been a perfectly healthy puppy right up until 10 days after receiving his first vaccination. At this point there were signs that he was not as healthy as he had previous presented. Pustules appeared on his face and inside his ears. This was followed very quickly by swelling and discharge from his ears. He became very reluctance to walk, to the point where he needed to be held up in order to go to the toilet. His condition deteriorated very quickly within fours days.


Dot Sweeney's Correspondance as it appeared on

My name is Dot Sweeney, I have the Black Russian Terriers you may have seen in the show ring. I am trying to get this to as many people as possible so if you would all be kind enough to send it on we may be able to have something done if enough people are concerned about the problem.


Dot Sweeny's Correspondance as received by her from other breeders/owner

Read all the correspondance received by Dot Sweeny from other breeders and owners of dogs who suffered adverse reactions to vaccinations.


Fort Dodge Response : #1

Dear all,

Recently on this website a dog breeder posted an email discussing a litter of pups that was sick following vaccination with Protech® Duramune® C4 Vaccine. This email has alarmed many people fearing that the vaccine is dangerous. As the manufacturer of the vaccine, Fort Dodge feels it is important to address some of the issues raised in the email and put people's fears to rest.


Fort Dodge Response : Final

Dear Mrs Sweeney,

We have fully investigated the case, reviewed the appropriate literature relevant to the two issues involved (immunosuppression by vaccines, and residual virulence and reversion to virulence of canine parvovirus vaccines), and made our final conclusions. The clinical history of the dogs in our report was an honest attempt to reconstruct the events that occurred from the histories supplied by the veterinarians, and from yourself.