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Links are funny things.

Usually you will find unless 'your site links to their site' there no is linking. I do not require any link backs from Weimaraner sites, clubs or any other site I link to. I link because I want to and I think the site I link to will be of interest to my visitors.

If anyone wants to link my site of their site, I say, "Thank you for your kindness."

At times you may find a breeder and/or owner is not linked to a web site, this is because the URL that was once returning the web site for the breeder and/or owner is not doing that but returning an error. Once a new URL becomes available, the breeder and/owner will be linked. In the mean time enjoy the Weimaraner Sites that are linked.

Flag : AmericaAMERICA

BLUE BANSHEE - Deb Trivette


WEST END KENNELS - Myron and Debra Meifert where Kye goes  for expert field and conformation training and handling.

WINSOME WEIMARANERS - Dan and Kim Wendel where Brit and Kye live.

Flag : AustraliaAUSTRALIA

FELDJAEGER Judy & Tony Glover who began their Feldjager prefix from Britfeld bloodline.

GREYSTALKER - Stephen and Wendy Tilley where some of the best working lines can be found.

MARLAND - Lee Petering who began her Marland prefix from Britfeld bloodlines.

WEILANDER - Roz Buckley and Bevan Bastin where you will find some very nice Longhair Weimaraners.


Flag : CanadaCANADA


Flag : EnglandENGLAND

KLUGMAUS - Lyn & Fred Ellingford and Julie Yates

ANSONA - Tricia and Steve where you will find some nice Pointers and those beautiful Slovakian Roughhair Pointers.


Flag : GermanyGERMANY


Flag : HungaryHUNGARY


Flag : IcelandICELAND


Flag : NorwayNORWAY

ATLAS' HOMEPAGE - Ingvild & Haavard Melby


SOLVHAVEN - Corrina Keddeinis & Svein Robert Skjelvald


Flag : SwedenSWEDEN

HUSVARGEN - Inger Nilsonn-Frykholm


Flag : The NetherlandsTHE NETHERLANDS





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