Weimaraner at Work

Michael with Aust Ch Britfeld Master Blaster CDX at the conclusion of a trial.The Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) recognizes the Weimaraner and The Weimaraner Longhair as a Utility Gundog. This means the breed can POINT, FLUSH and RETRIEVE. A Jack-Of-All-Trades, contrary to the old saying ‘Jack of all trades, Master of none’, this breed is, most certainly, master of all.

In the right hands the Weimaraner has the ability to excel far beyond the specialists of just retrieving, flushing or pointing. The Weimaraner has an enormous passion to please his master. His style in the field is second to none, to see a well-trained Weimaraner working in the field is breath taking.

How ever in the wrong hands, this truly remarkable breed can be reduced to a quivering mess. This is not a breed for the hard at hand or the hot head. The Weimaraner is a sensitive breed, which is quite often mistaken as being soft by those who have very little understanding of the breed. A gentle, common sense approach to the training technique will achieve results far beyond your widest dreams.

The German Weimaraner Club and the Weimaraner Club of America have developed Working Tests for Weimaraners for the purpose of ascertaining the hunting ability of the breed. Follow the links below to read an overview of the German Working Examinations and (WCA) Rating Tests.

Aust Ch Britfeld Give It To Them showing a stylish point.


Aust Ch Britfeld Master Blaster CDX showing what it takes to win.


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