Britfeld Zippity Do Da E.T. "Zeta"




Britfeld Zippity Do Da E.T. "Zeta"

The new addition to the Britfeld family is Britfeld Zippity Do Da E.T., a.k.a. as Zeta. Zeta is a result of careful research and planning of bloodlines which bring together an international flavour of talent and beauty. Her pedigree speaks volumes about true to standard conformation and the working ability of the Weimaraner.



Pedigree for Britfeld Zippity Do Da E.T.



Dual Ch (T) Silvasheen Aint Half Bad T.D.

Canadian Ch Sveorice Klassic Knucklehead IMPORT Canada to AUSTRALIA

American Ch/Canadian Ch Nani's Choir Boy

American Ch Canadian Ch
Bremar Troll At Sveorice

Australian Ch Divani Apache Star A.I.

American Ch Valmar's Apache Rebel B.R.O.M.

Australian Ch Divani Vanity Fair

Australian Ch Britfeld Unforgetable T.D. E.T.

Australian Ch Britfeld Errol Flynn

American Ch/Australian Ch Tradition's Tradewind Ke Nani

Australian Ch Britfeld Classic Applause C.D.

Australian Ch Britfeld Quake N Shake A.I.

American Ch Wismar's Jack Daniels B.R.O.M. U.S.A.

Australian Ch Britfeld Doit Tome C.D.