Feldjaeger Head Over Heals T.D.


 In the show ring:

Zsa Zsa has had a some what limited show career, how ever this has not stopped her from getting noticed.  Zsa Zsa says, "Darlings look at what I have done, so far".

  • 7 Baby of Breed
  • 1 Best Baby Puppy in Group
  • 1 Minor Puppy of Breed
  • 1 Best of Breed
  • 3 Puppy of Breed
  • 2 Best Puppy in Group
  • 4 Junior of Breed
  • pointed towards her Australian Champion title




Zsa Zsa and Tracking were made for each other. In three trials Zsa Zsa gained her Tracking Dog Title. She truly was a 'natural' in every sense of the word. She was taken from me far too young; never reaching the heights she would have. I miss you terribly Zsa.

  • Passed Tracking Qualification Certificate 22 May 2004
  • Passed Track 1 12 July 2004
  • Passed Track 2 17 July 2004